going to the chapel horan clan style

congratulations to my cousin laura (and daughter maggie!) and new husband david! welcome to the family. the wedding and reception were beautiful - we did it up right: horan style.

from the top:
1. a mini-horan (haley) all tuckered out under her flowergirl dress.
2. big people horans (mike, tim, mark, peg, and chris - five out of the six horan brothers and sisters and some of their mid-sized horan children... i may qualify as mid-sized PLUS.
3. preggo lady on the dance floor! with sister and aunt chris. (to michael jackson's billie jean... we thought the 'kid is not my son' line was entertaining...)
4. a beautiful shot of a middle generation horan, grown-up girl drink in hand... when did my sister start drinking something other than BUSCH beer (head for the mountains)? ;)
5. another beautiful shot of some middles... i couldn't resist posting. jennifer and elizabeth.
6. another mini horan (maura catherine!) AND this one with blue eyes and red hair to boot - a gorgeous hunk of baby.
7. the new mr. and mrs.

baby is getting good genes, eh?

shower pictures and updates tomorrow. had an appointment with my doula today. all is good. we found that heartbeat lickety split and in just the right place. i can't wait for labor. ;)

33 weeks, 5 days


Sarah said...

honey that belly got bigger again. you're soooo cute.

Jax said...

I never thought I'd hear you say "I cant wait for labor..." in any facet.. lol! ;) And, yes, good genes indeed. :)You're adorable lovely.. July 3rd ;) will come quicker than you know it!

Susan said...

I want to raid your sister's closet. Cute stuff. Nothing like a good wedding reception!

Lauryl Lane said...

how cute! i love picture #3, it looks like you're picking your nose! ;)