and the happy fun preggo vibes return

here is the baby size for WEEK 3-7.

know what it is?

a swiss chard.



the first guess of the baby pool is this sunday. ha! i have an additional $17 to the pot so we are now at a total winnings of $77! Somebody's getting lucky!

i just ate sticky fingerz: hard garlic fingerz and fries slathered in creamy dill sauce. and a coke. pretty much i am worthless now. if you come to town, i will take you there. the creamy dill sauce is to die for. my coworkers and i banned it from our diets b/c i am pretty sure it isn't the healthiest but we lifted the ban today in celebration of, um, friday i guess. and i wonder why i KEEP GAINING WEIGHT. haha. (and it so isn't the baby. the baby hasn't gained five pounds in one week so don't even try and tell me i have an excuse. haha!)

37 weeks.


Jennifer said...

I love the word chard.

Kat's baby is the size of a chard.

One time I charded in my pants.

Hey peeps if you haven't paid your money for the babypool you better do it asap. Because you don't gets to win if you don't puts in the monies....WORD!

Maria said...

LOL! I got some chard at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago. seems like they could have chosen a watermelon or something? Anyway... My $1 is in the mail with the books. Going out today. Now I wish I had put 2 in , because I want to guess again. LOL! Oh well...

Lauryl Lane said...

i think i'm going to put a fiver in an envelope for you, cuz i want to make a few more guesses. also, why didn't we bet on the SIZE of the baby? that would be super fun. i'm going with 7 lbs and 1 ounce, cuz that was what i weighed and i was my mummy's first baby. ;)
ps. that creamy dill sounds awesome. thanks for making me hungry at 1:17am. ;)

melissa said...

DAMMIT kat i forgot to give you my DAMN dollar. DAMMIT. xo

Susan said...

Eat whatever you want. But, remember it took 9 months to gain it, it'll take at least 9 months to get it off. No sweat. I'm going on 13 months and still 10 over pre-preggo weight. And guess what, I don't really care! I thought I would, but oh well!