i am up!

updating now with the story. will try not to be too gruesome. it was absolutely insane. i am not sure i will be able to properly communicate. post your questions in the comments and i will try to answer them.


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...
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a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i have SOOO MANY questions but think i will wait for your post to unfold! i am so excited for you three! little boys are the best EVER!!!!

brooke knight said...

update update update!

Chandle said...

I can't wait to here everything!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Let us know your visitor policy! ;)

Eeeeeeeeee, the anticipation! Love love love you guys!

melissa said...

i promise to hug you first when i come to visit. and i am so proud of you, sweetheart. you and karl both. : ) xox

care said...

can't. wait. to. hear. !!!!.

I wanna know this: will you ever look at your bathroom the same way ever again? :) seriously though, bring on the details. your friends want to hear. but more importantly we want you to give that little tyke a hug from each of us!

Jennifer said...

cant wait to hear all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spare no details...we can handle it!!!

Maria said...

gruesome takes on a whole new meaning once you've had a baby! I can't wait to hear!

Leah Billings said...

The anticipation is too much!

Let us know your visitor policy indeed! Can't wait to meet the little guy. This is all so exciting!!

Sarah said...

was it in the little bathroom or big one?

was the placenta big?

has your belly already gone down a little?

what exactly does he look like? give us closeups.

was there lots of blood?

yes, you should state your visitor policy, i like that. my mom said she just wanted to be with her baby and my dad. my sister in law wanted anyone and everyone around.

did you have to pop the water sac or did you just push it out?

ummm..i'll think of more. i'm really into this.

Katie said...

love you guys! i can't wait to hear more about the little one...

Leslie Robus said...

Congrats to you both and little Nate!!! I thinking about you this a.m. and saying to myself I should check on you. I guess I was a little late! He is wonderful and we can wait to see more and meet him!! Love to you all.

Sarah said...

um, according to that ticker thing on your blog you have eight days left.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, both of you! Old school...I'm so proud! Can't wait to see you three! -Jeremy

Jennifer said...

i refresh the blog page like every 10 seconds....its ridiculous...hahaha

Sarah said...

i am doing the same thing. i feel like a crazy woman.

melissa said...

all right. i'm taking a time-out. my eyes are crossing. i'll check back for all the details. love you kat-a-licious.

Megan said...

I can't wait to hear the details and see pics of that precious baby. I've heard a little bit from Denny and Susan.

Jennifer said...

dude i can't take it................where is the update. I won't go to eat with jeff because i don't want to leave the computer aghhhhhhhhhh

Sarah said...

thought of one:
do you know how much he weighs?
is he tiny?
have roxy and arlo smelled him?


your a mom!

i'm off the net, not checking again because i'm going insane waiting.

have a good night as a family!!!

Anonymous said...

what the????
what an awesome way to enter the world!!!
anxiously awaiting to hear the story!
congrats katie or should i say mommy!!!
PS:awesome name

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to read how all went on i hope you post both you and karls side of the story i would just like to see how both of you were thinking/felling when it all went down :D

brian said...

I can't believe that Dr. Karl actually delivered the baby. Yikes, only in Arkansas. I did not know that men were midwives!!

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