hands free!!

sling it up.

nate went on several field trips today - to my office to be shown off (he slept almost the whole time), karl's NEW office (karl's office just moved out of downtown which means no more carpooling. boo.), dixie cafe *yum*, AND home depot (life IS exciting.) for the first two places i carried him in his carseat. that thing is HEAVY. (and he only weighs like 8.5 pounds!) the second half of the day was spent in his sling. MUCH better. MUCH more portable and convenient. all you preggos out there NEED one. for sure. (thanks maria for this one... it's awesome!) we are wearing it around the house trying to get used to getting him in and out of it and securing it. he loves it. it makes me feel very earth mama.

stranger danger comments:
a. (at home depot) "is there a real baby in there?" (nope, fake baby.)
b. (overheard from table next to ours): "do you think that baby came out of her?!?!" (ha.)

here is a nugget of internet goodness from my sister (oh those crazy wisconsins): BBQ SAUCE.
(one must wonder it was smokey or sweet... what kind of sauce do they eat on their bbq up there?). speaking of my sister she is coming NEXT WEEK! i can't wait. nater salad wants to meet his flesh and blood aunt j. (not that he doesn't love all his adoptive aunties.) (also, flesh and blood is a strange expression. flesh? who uses that word ever?)

3 weeks, 1 day


melissa said...

kat, you look G-R-E-A-T. you little cutie. : )

Maria said...

You look too damned good. That's why they wonder if the nater came out of you! We're ALL jealous! ;-)

A few tips on the sling--

1. Put nate a little lower
2. The ring-- after the sling is tightened, should be in that "hollow" spot below your shoulder, but above your breast. :)

Maria said...

Oh, and 3. You might also tighten it a bit tighter, so that nate-a-roni is a bit higher on you.

Amy, David, Caroline, Corbin and Cohen said...

I have a sling and I love it!! I took Caroline to the mall when she was 4 days old in it. I can't tell you how many people stopped me and to see if there was a real baby in there :) She loves it too!! Which we both know makes life so much easier if the babies love it!! You look awesome by the way!!

jennifer said...

It says in the article, "the man was charged with burglary" so i'm pretty sure he STOLE the BBQ sauce used...dun dun.

can't wait to see the earth baby!

Megan said...

I want to meet Nater Tot. Will you two be at Susan's Wednesday night?

Chandle said...

Exactly Maria, that is why that lady said that, cause she looks like there is no way she just had a baby. Love the sling, so precious.

Lauryl Lane said...

you don't look like you just had a baby. you look amazing. and i love your sling. i used to wear one to carry my baby sister maggie around... about twelve years ago. ;) i liked it. she would be all warm and snuggly around me. babies are good. ;)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

holy smokes! did THAT BABY come out of you? if i hadn't read it? i wouldn't have believed it! you look FANTASTIC!

Stacia said...

That asked if he baby came out of you because you in NO WAY look like someone that just had a baby! YOU LOOK GREAT!

Jax said...

hahaha... I love the stranger danger... that's creepy... and you're comments are the best... "Nope. Fake baby." LOL!

You look adorable!!!

The Lada Family said...

and... I think our dogs might be twins! (the lighter one)