one month

one month.

and he is still alive. can you believe it?

(i still check that he is breathing... maybe only once a day or so now. you know... the old finger under the nose or hand on the back!)

and he has gained weight. multiple chins are appearing. and he goes to the bathroom. (this is exciting to me. since we are breastfeeding i obsessively count diapers and weigh him on our crappy scale which i am sure is not accurate at all... but it does put him a little above 9 lbs now...)

on that note, breastfeeding is getting much better. we are both starting to get better at it. it's still challenging (last night sucked.). i think i am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. all you girls who said if you can make it through the first 6 weeks you are golden, i believe you now. i am ridiculously proud of myself b/c he hasn't had any formula. and that was one of my baby goals. (well, my goal is to make it to one year.)

my darling sister has been here since tuesday. she has been fabulous. especially since we aren't out and about all that much. (we watch the first season of 'weeds' while naterade naps. or eats. this week she has seen me topless. a lot.)

nate is still holding on to some color (skin) but his eye lashes and brows are PRETTY blonde so i think he is going to be a fair little one here in a week or two.

oh and that last picture? yea, that is the blue bathroom. hello kitty toilet seat cover and all. (i took one of me in 'birthing position' but it looks IN-appropriate so this is as close as you are going to get! one hand on the sink, one hand on the window sill.)

1 month.


Maria said...

Poor nater-tater. exposed to the cheap beer. give the boy the good stuff!

You got me curious on how big The Boy was at a month, and the best I can find is one month and 9.9 pounds and five weeks and 10.5 pounds! It's strange how quickly they gain weight when they are that small!

I'm glad the bf is improving. I am so so so very proud of you for sticking with it! So is my LLL group! (Yes, I was talking about you!!!)

P.S. I still check if The Boy is breathing. He has gotten so quiet since his surgery (already)! Plus with the apnea, I'm always freakin!

melissa said...

Great pics! Aww...aunt jenny. Karl still holding on to the Bud Light? Guess they haven't sold yet. Glad to hear everything is going well. I love Weeds! You should check out Dexter too before you have to sensor what you watch for Lil' Nate.

melissa said...

you are such a beautiful little family. xox

Kelz World said...

awww those pictures are too cute and the one with Karl is great, love it!! you guys are great and sooo sweet!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

happy one month, nater tater! kat, you're looking smashing! i love the pic of nate, karl and the beer bottle. priceless.

brooke knight said...

yay aunt jenny! yay for your big boy!

Megan said...

It was great to finally meet Nate the other night. Oh and it was good to see you, too-ha!

Stacia said...

Bud light? Nate knows best =)
He looks so pretty!
Love the bathroom shot!

Leah Billings said...

Super cute pictures! You look pretty in blue. Love that onesie in the first photo. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha..Thank you for not posting the birthing position photo...but I would have laughed in an uncomfortable but good way...I'm still working on the belief that a baby comes out of a woman. Let me have my imagination with the stork n all.. hah. Anyway..you seriously look great, Kat!! Please take a photo of you and Karl and nate together. I havent seen any yet! (this might be my fault for forgetting it or missing it..but I dont remember so please post a family photo)


Anonymous said...

Karl, getting the kid started early on the right path I see. Just have switch him eventually from that Bud Light stuff to something with some more taste, like Spaten!

Glad to hear everything is still going well.


Elizabeth Spann said...

That first picture made me laugh out loud. Nate's making such a funny face! ;) Looks like he's winking.
Nice pics, lady. Love you guys.

Babies+beer, huh? ha ha ha ha ha

Susan said...

When I said, "One beer won't hurt!", I mean if you drank it and he got a tad through your breast milk. I didn't mean give it directly to him! Gosh!
P.S. I still check on Setler certain nights. I had to learn to tell from afar as to not wake him up and him see me checking.
P.S. Keep rocking the bf-ing.