rough and ready?

sorry for the lack of pictures and blogging. i have been dealing with the remodel of our kitchen. and a newborn! OH YEA... 11 - 12 days postpartum.... the perfect time for new floors, cabinets, and sinks. karl and i sure did make a trip to home depot today to buy a sink! (sans baby... we left him with four capable grandparents as my parents are also here and we have uprooted a bit... spending yesterday and today at the inlaws (THANK YOU!) while the installers installed.

and, of course, with any home project... we are finding little things here and there to update! and tonight we might paint a bit (HAHAH! I am completely serious here.) honestly, we are both glad to be getting it done this week... for several reasons.... 1. we want it done. i couldn't stand looking at the dirty linoleum one single second longer. seriously, hands and knees scrubbing never got it clean. cheap. 2. karl is off work to handle. 3. umm... well, i am having trouble coming up with another positive at the moment as i have no kitchen sink! (or oven). (yea for breastfeeding!)

i look totally drunk and sleep deprived in that second pic! (but skinny, no!? i have ankles and the semblance of a waist! sorry, gratuitous body shot for you all to say 'YOU LOOK GREAT!' b/c i need MORE attention. probably not. but i am going to live it up while i can.)

AND that last one? yea, that's how nate feels about the remodel!

all that being said, nate is still a pretty chill little dude. i think the heavens MAY HAVE blessed us with a chill baby!?! MAYBE!! i probably shouldn't say that out loud as it will probably come back to haunt me! i, of course, am anxious about every little thing! is he crying enough? is he crying too much? is he clean? is he full? is he yellow!? (ah, jaundice!) is he breathing!? (HA!) is he hot? is he cold? ah. the list goes on and on! LIFE IS GOOD!

12 days old.


Angela said...

Can't wait to see the kitchen remodel and you look fantastic!

Maria said...

A. You look ridiculously good. I am insanely jealous.

B. Remodel... let's chalk that up to nesting? ;-)

C. I agree with nate. No kitchen sink would make me cry too!

Susan said...

Shut up with your skinny self. You need the disclaimer underneath that says: "These results not typical!" Seriously.

brooke knight said...

fantasticly....DRUNK! but fantastic nonetheless. i hope you get some hardware and some sleep. HI MIKE AND LINDA!!!!

i love you!

Lauryl Lane said...

i can't believe you! that's awesome, three cheers for the kitchen remodel! and yes, you look absolutely fabulous... is it me or do your boobs look enormous? ;)

Elizabeth Spann said...

I can't believe you guys are remodeling NOW. ;) You guys... (she says shaking her head and smiling).
You look fabuloso, mi amiga. It's great to hear from you. I swear he's grown since the last time I saw him (as a lone tear slides down my cheek).
Love you guys, enjoy the family time, and good luck with remodeling!!

melissa said...

you are as cute as a button. and nate the great takes up your ENTIRE torso in that last one... no wonder you had trouble eating! xox

Leah Billings said...

Look at you Miss Skinny!!

I love re-modeling. Hope its going well. Sounds like it is (except for the usual inconveniece, of course). Can't wait to see the finished product!

Sarah said...

you look like one hot mama! but i knew you would bounce back fast. what i am more excited about is the kitchen.

Sarah said...

it is still weird to me that he is on the outside now! laying on your belly, not in your belly.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the kitchen is happening that fast!

You look amazing! So little already, chica! :) Look at your little ankles. :)

the day's said...

i love the "new baby bird" nate picture. there is one of clif just like that, and it always makes me giggle. he is beautiful!

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