what's more painful than childbirth? I totally get to use that whenever i want.

1. insurance
2. breast feeding! ha!

so, since nate's birth was so unusual our pedi has been keeping a close eye on him - she is awesome and totally working with us. he is perfectly fine. however, he was looking a bit jaundiced (happens lots in boys and breast fed babies aparantly? he was a bit yellow. i still don't think we needed to take him, but we had to introduce him to the world of western medicine some time, right?) so we took him to baptist hospital for overnight observation and some lights. all his tests have come back perfectly fine and we are at home now. everyone has been great at the hospital but i still don't understand how it works. for the record, it was NOT as traumatic as i thought it would be (but still sad!). The WORST part was they were initially letting me take him out to breast feed him and then put him back under, but for the overnight they wanted me to feed him inside his little isolette thingey. (which means i had to PUMP... which was fine last night but we are having some serious repurcussions as a result this morning.... pretty sure i pumped way too much and now am having issues getting enough. plus the stress of being there and not home is NOT helping. there were some tears this afternoon. from nate and me. we are not giving up yet though. determined.)

some of you might know that karl's insurance was changing as of July 1. The whole time we joked i would go into labor on the evening of the 30th and deliver at midnight or 12:01 on july 1 just to confuse the insurance agencies. BUT NOW not only do we have to contend with filing the midwife/homebirth cost and care with insurance, we also have to file one day with nate (yesterday) on one insurance and today on another. you know that is going to get completely screwed up and we are going to forevermore be calling insurance agencies. (karl says this stresses him out WAY more than the dramatic birth.)

what else have i learned in the hospital? karl is OBSESSED with hospital food. he says he could eat it every day. we have only had two meals here but he has (disgustingly i might add) slurped down every bit and piece of his. nasty eggs in a bag and all. (not that my tray leaves UN-empty). (my diet the past few days i will update on soon. seriously, it's ridiculous.)

i wore my trusty maternity jeans to the hospital. thank you all for lying to me and telling me i didn't look enormous at the end of my pregnancy. I WAS SO SWOLLEN. (also thank you for not saying anything about the sorry state of my toenails.) the legs of those jeans were tight on wednesday and now they just look crazy loose. MY ANKLE BONES HAVE FINALLY RETURNED. i touch them all the time just to make sure i can feel them. i know you all care... i can lay on my tummy and i can sit indian style.... almost ready for a 5K! (haha!) i THOUGHT i would miss being pregnant and having nate inside of my belly but I can safely say that at the moment i definately definately do NOT.

despite the total exhastion and soreness here and there, i am so happy he is an outside baby!

5 days old. (is that right? they are all blending.)


The Smiths said...

If all that happens is just a little jaundice ya'll are doing good! I used to work in the NICU at Baptist. The nurses are great, don't stress to much. Karl-hospital food is GROSS but try the peanut butter yogurt in the cafe it's delish. Keep lovin the babe!

brooke knight said...

kat! you look so little already! that is awesome!

karl- i have to say that looks pretty decent for hospital food. but i am sure kat's mashers are better in everyone's opinion.

can't wait to see you!

Jennifer said...

sorry you had to go to the hospital, but i think that nate looks wonderful and so do you kat. Yes I was shocked by how little Nate was...."Are they supposed to look like that" but I was also shocked by how little you were for delivering a baby uhhh like not that long ago!!!! We love you!!!

Jennifer said...

hahahahahahaha. if you blow up the first pic and roll it to the right you can totally see Nate's long toes.... i love it!!!

the day's said...

you didn't ask for my opinion, so if you don't want it...just ignore it (no hurt feelings, i promise!) BUT i have very strong convictions about the hospital's stance on nursing moms and jaundice (you can email me if you want more specifics). but let me just say, both vivian and bauer were jaundiced, but with vivian they suggested i pump and supplement. not being as well researched as the hill clan ;) i did as recommended and had "problems". with bauer i put my foot down (having the been there done that attitude) and did what felt best for my body and the baby. at ten months he is still nursing! again, this is just what worked for me...hang in there, everyone is different...and after a superhero-esque arrival into this world, i am SURE nate is only in for great things!! :)

btw, why are you so stinkin' skinny? didn't you just have a baby?! ;)

Maria said...

Just to add a little more unwanted advice-- the more you pump/nurse, the more milk you produce. If you are indeed stressed (and who wouldn't be), that would cause a dip in your supply, which will come back up (regulate itself) when you go back to nursing/pumping in your normal routine (is there one at that age?). There will be a lot of tears-- growth spurts were especially tough on me. Good luck! Oh, and beyond luck, I sent you a GREAT resource (link) via email.

Oh, and I totally agree on disgusting hospital food (yuck) and how in the you know what are you so skinny already?

melissa said...

Okay, I freaked out for a minute there...I thought something happened to Nate and Karl! Karl did look a little too excited though...and now I know he was just enjoying his food :) Glad everyone is doing well!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

get that boy some gastro-therapy QUICK!!!!! hospital food. GROSS!

you look great kat and i can totally relate to the whole ankle bone thing!!!

my oldest, now 19, also spent some time in the tanning bed after his birth. i promise you it is quite common!

your family unit is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Leah Billings said...

You really do look fabulous for just having birthed that little guy.

care said...

hooray for ankle bones!

and though I'm on the hospital-food-is-gross train, I say eat up if you like it!

and poor little nate in his tanning bed. hope it's all back to as-normal-as-possible soon.

kristen said...

i really like hospital food. i'm glad i'm not the only one. we used to go eat at baptist once a week when my grandmother worked there. i've never heard of that whole jaundice thing with the baby. it seems to happen often, though, from what everyone is saying. i'm glad everyone is ok..i was scared too when i saw the first two pictures. oh and yay for skinny kat..i never doubted you would get your ankles back.

Megan said...

My youngest brother Zach was jaundice so he had to under the little light. Be sure to keep Nate in the sunlight.

Megan said...

Tell Karl I like hospital food, too.

Elizabeth Spann said...

That picture of Karl is quite hilarious. Glad that everyone's ok! I've been thinking about you guys (and honestly missing lovin on dat baby)! ;)

Jax said...

I saw that pic and thought "NOOOOO!!" so I'm glad to hear everything is alright. The insurance thing is funny...albeit annoying...but funny. I was jaundiced as a baby, too and I couldnt be breast fed (allergies, whatever). I think they just say whatever's clever b/c they dont know what causes it and it's easily treatable.

Team Hills rocks my world! I cant WAIT for the first family photo of all three of you together! :))))

Lauryl Lane said...

aw, glad nate is okay, yay for you finding your ankle bones again... and karl is gross. i mean, hospital food is DISGUSTING. ;)

Susan said...

I cleaned my hospital plate spotless too, Karl, all 3 meals, all 4 days I was there.

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