i have survived

so i survived.

today was my first FULL DAY back at work (ok, i made it till 3 p.m.) (and got a stinking parking ticket.)

unfortunately, this weekend was riddled with coughing and runny noses (what the hell?) in our household. i feel HORRIBLE! and i never get sick. (joys of daycares?) I almost called in sick today. can one call in sick after being out for 12 weeks? i think not.

pumping at work is odd. and slightly uncomfortable. i felt like i was going to 'get caught.' i pump in "the morgue" (er, the lactation room?) which is a vault of all my company's archived publications. think: old library stacks with the spinny handles on the end to move the shelves.) guess i will never run out of reading material? our office space is all open doors and glass so there isn't even an office available. the morgue is the only door with a lock. very strange... but it beats a nasty bathroom! guess i will have to get used to it. or quit breastfeeding. but i am not ready for that yet! a friend sent me this wonderful book about working moms. it's helping. but still hard. i like my job, but i can't help but think about that little smile, oh, every fifteen minutes or so.

oh, and, yes, i live in the south. sometimes i forget. then my neighbor's SEVEN year old daughter runs into the truck on their four wheeler. the resulting gash will be fixed. by them. ugh. i HATE when stuff like this happens.

12 weeks, 4 days


melissa said...

CONGRATULATIONS, MAMA!!! you did it! i hope you get to feeling better, babe. : )

the day's said...

congrats...on making it through the day, NOT the four wheeler damage. do NOT EEEVVEN get me started on my hatred for those things, and people's inability to understand they are NOT for children!! ok, enough yelling this was meant to be a kind you-can-do-this-work-pump-mom-thing comment. sorry! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your first week back. Be sure to take lots of notes, cause I'm going to have a million and one questions! We're doing our first visit to a childcare center over lunch today. Nervous nelly.

The Brockintons said...

I am glad you are back- I missed you


Maria said...

You are a strong woman! :)

And it probably is the daycare. It took a while for my own immune system to adjust to The Boy's germs! LOL!

Sarah said...

i'm glad you survived!!! i am sure it was a challenge. i am lucky to have you going through this first, so i can get tips of breast feeding at work... which i am concerned about only because i do not want to pump in the nasty bathroom! legally do employers have to provide a clean private place?

Maria said...

It depends on your state, sasspot. You can look up the relevant state's laws here: http://www.llli.org/Law/LawBills.html Usually that site is up to date.

I pumped in the lounge area of our locker room.

Stacia said...

Welcome back!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hello my darling... sorry that I have been MIA! Congrats on going back to work!
Is Nate making new friends? ;)

Megan said...

Oh dear! I can you see pumping in the morgue aka George Waldon room. I know AB is glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

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