there is a tooth in there. wait. why is there a tooth in there?

so, yeah, today, we are hanging out. karl, me, nate... nothing special... just sitting around, when karl says (with his finger being gnawed on in nate's mouth), "I feel a tooth."

at first, i didn't believe him. i was all "wait. what? no. let me feel." and i stuck my little pinky finger in and ran it along his little gums and, sure enough, there was a little razor peeking through those bottom gums.

what the hell?

for some reason, this one barely-there tooth made me VERY emotional. (and, seriously, it is barely busted through the surface. you have to squint REAL close to even see it.)

one, karl found it. and i love karl and karl loves nate and we are one little loving family and what not, but i spend all day every day (yes, that is most definately an exageration) reading about babies and development and milestones and diapers and baby food and what they should eat and when they should eat it and googling things like "the cough kind of sounds barky but there is no rattling in his chest." (you MIGHT argue i research a little TOO much, but i am just trying to keep that little baby healthy and happy. oh, yea, and alive.) so, i felt semi-robbed when karl discovered this particular milestone. isn't the obsessive parent supposed to notice these HUGE milestones FIRST? hmph. jealous.

two, and i may be completely niave here, but aren't babies supposed to freak out when thier teeth are coming in? not a peep out of nate in the past few days. maybe a little extra drool... but daycare this week said he has been 'exceptionally happy' (which is decidely better than 'he is not as fussy as he normally is' or 'he has been sad today'.) not the first, and CERTAINLY not the last time, nate has surprised me.. tee hee.. that's not the way babies are "supposed to" get their first tooth, right? what is up with this kid? i am sure i will have future teething woes to share and that i should be happy he barely seemed to notice this first little guy (and i am happy; just surprised.)

three, A TOOTH? i swear just yesterday he couldn't even hold his little wobble-head up on his own. for some irrational reason, that TOOTH signifies the first time i thought, "this kid is growing up fast." people always say, 'he is getting so big' and 'they change so fast' or something along those lines and i always smile and nod and semi-agree. but a TOOTH? that wasn't there this morning and then just APPEARED? uh, yea. that feels like kind of a big deal.

i am so clueless. and i love it and hate it all at the same time.

ok, off to google things like "painless teething" and "razor sharp baby teeth" (kidding.) (ish.)

6 months, 4 weeks, 1 day


the day's said...

BOTH kiddos never had the normal "teething" thing you hear about. the only way i could tell was massive drool, and a little red booty. (you asked, i'm just sayin'...) and yes you ARE allowed to freak. i NEVER cry over shots or crap...but i thought i was going to have a heartattack when vivian got her first haircut. seriously?! so good news, you are still more sane than me (but, honey, that ain't saying much!)

Maria said...

Um, I had one of my own moments of growing too fast today that made me weepy. It's normal.

Lauryl Lane said...

aw, little razor!!! i've had my fingers bitten by incoming teeth on several occasions, and damn! those things are SHARP! but hey, you should be really glad that he's teething so easily. some of my siblings got their teeth in like no problem... one day they weren't there, the next day they were. but i remember one of my sisters being SO fussy (i mean, she was obviously in pain, i don't want to sound callus...)... so no teething pain is super-great (especially cuz it means he won't keep you up all night long!)

sdhorton said...

Even though Nash's tooth is taking it's sweet time coming in (which may be why he is more fussy), I'm sure there will be a tear shed when it comes in. The day my mom called me at work confirming the teething by seeing a white spot, the first chance I got I came home to see it for myself. It is a little unfair that we put all our time and energy into them and then someone else gets to be there with them for those "firsts". I have always hated that. I have heard of those that just wake up with at tooth with little warning. At least he has not been hurting with it. That's awesome! I guess Nater beat Nashers to the punch! We are not far behind you Nater!

Anonymous said...

Be so thankful! Hunter had mood swings like you wouldn't believe for each and every tooth (first one at 13 months!!! and one a month after that for what seemed like FOREVER)!!! Now sweet little Abigail...lets just say she and Nate have teething similarities. What! A tooth! How much of that was her having painless teething and I, being a distracted mother of two, one will never know. At least you don't have to worry about Nat biting your boob!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hee, hee. Little teeth.

Just wait till he starts losing them. ;) Now THAT's creepy. Kidding! Love you! Let's hang out.

PS, this is the first time I've seen my name "Spann" in blogger comments. Crazy! ;)

Melissa Brannan said...

HA!! We are so the same! :) I have had 3 snow days in a row and thus am finally able to catch up on cute blogs I love. Maddilyn's first TWO teeth just popped through one day without a peep. The top 4 teeth were a little more traumatic for her (well and for me since she grew the fangs before the two front teeth). The other day I was holding her upside down (for fun, not torture) and I saw a MOLAR!! How could that pop through and go unnoticed? Teeth are creepy and unusually sharp..... oh and they stay short for a long time...... no one tells you that!!!

Tabatha Aikins said...

Well, I guess sometimes teeth do come out in such a surprising manner that we can never expect to see them even if we watch closely. Maybe your little Nate was too excited to chow down some food that he didn't notice his barely-there tooth... hehehe. Well, babies are unpredictable!