serious sunday selections

i wasn't having a lot of luck with the camera this sunday. nate was ON THE MOVE so i was clicking away but striking out. finally i just gave up. eh, well such is life. he likes to roll around in the grass. and eat sticks. yum.

last week of work begins tomorrow.

10 months TODAY. (and his first TOP tooth is officially IN. it looks hilarious. barely through the surface and adorably sideways.)


sdhorton said...

That's funny. Nash's first top tooth came into today too. I guess that is why he has been so fussy. And it DOES look weird. It's all swollen with a little sharp edged tooth sticking though. See Nash and Nate, they're two peas in a pod! Have a good last week a work!

The Smiths said...

hi. :) thanks- a year has gone by quick, i am sure you are well aware of this. LOVE pic #3! happy last week of work- how exciting!

Stacia said...

Enjoy your last week! Nate is a doll!!!

Maria said...

He is adorable. I want to eat him up! :)

Lauryl Lane said...

pretty darn cute photos, regardless. ;)

Sarah said...

something about that baby in the grass just makes my heart smile.

happy last week at work!

Jennifer said...

Cutest kid ever!

care said...

I love love love his facial expressions!!!

also, I want to know how you made the little logo on your main page a picture of nate!

Susan said...

He might need his bangs trimmed soon! hehe...looove it. Love the post below too. Very well written and thought out. I'm soooo excited that we can sweat out the summer together at the park and Farmer's Market and stuff...BUT FIRST comes Dominican Republic! Woohoo!

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