when it rains it pours

is that how the expression goes?

i was going to write this fun little/big post about things i was going to miss about my office (cause, you know, i am taking some time off. for a few years possibly. for many reasons. which i shall try and detail in a post soon as it is official.).

but karl's grandmother is visiting a hospital today (not by choice and not the same one his mom is in.) so.....i am going to keep this post short and sweet and tell you that karl is an amazing person and has been taking care of so, so much.

everyone is good; mimi is going home tonight and mary kay (karls mom) is headed home tomorrow. will keep you posted.


melissa said...

love love love to all hills family members and mostly to you, kat-apillar.

p.s. that dinner sounds a-MA-za-zing.

Sarah said...

so much happening with the hills. i'll be thinking of you.

Jax said...

Sending love-lots of it.

Lauryl Lane said...

i like to call it the "cyclone effect." ;) glad everybody is doing well, though. and i'm SO glad to hear that you are taking some time off! hooray for you and all the time you'll get to spend with your bebe!

sdhorton said...

sorry things are going rough. that's no fun but super glad you get to take some time off. I woul love to do that.

michelle said...

hope a rainbow comes your way to lift all, hoping they get well soon

em said...

hey girl, all good vibes being sent your way...
~em rose

Susan said...

Yay, we can be buddies this summer! When does this "time off" start? We can do playdates and walks and lunches galore!
Sorry to hear about Mimi and MK.

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