this post is where i profess my love for the interwebs

so. here i am.

this staying at home gig still KINDA still feels like a vaca, not gonna lie. (though i have been running all over the place and am absolutely exhausted every night thus far.)

i also think i have a little bit of blogger block as i try to identify with this new lifestyle (and, yes, i realize it has only been four work days.) i think things like: what should i blog about? i have nothing to blog about since i don't go to work anymore.
are people going to get sick of reading about my baby? can i blog about more than my baby?

and then...

does this officially make me a mommy blogger? (what even is a mommy blogger? i tried to wikipedia the phrase to see if it was defined (officially) wiki style. no such luck.) i know it's a hot topic in the ever expanding blogosphere. there was even a conference here in arkansas (last week!) called the Mind of Moms (dun dun duuun). here is some follow up about it from a local PR guru (and mama as well!) Natalie Ghidotti.

i like to blog. i like to read blogs. and not just of people i know 'in real life' (i love that expression. in real life. as opposed to fake life.) these blogging facts about me are shocking i know as i have been blogging since May 05. for me, it was love at first site. i vividly remember the first time i realized the possibilities behind this blogging concept and sending my own URL to everyone i had an email address. for me, it's almost a four YEAR blogoversary. (shit. we have to have a party!) (is it WRONG that my blogoversary is before my wedding-aversary.) (and i want to celebrate both.)

i think about my first posts with a smile.

and then...

i wonder who is reading and who am i writing this for? i think it just started out as me trying to let my parents and extended family and out of town friend get a glimpse of my corner of the world. and it is still that. but maybe a little more. i
adore sharing things on this blog. A-dore it. i like writing it down. i know some people think i share too much, but trust me, I DO NOT tell you all there is to tell. (ahem, last nights argument about how much cheese was not allowed recommended on MY nachos.)

and then...

i think about how much i SUCK at making friends online but how much i love being considered part of an online community despite the fact that i never blog about topics other than myself and my family and my friends and my programs (tv shows).

i have tried to join several "mom" boards (ahem, thebump dot com & littlerockmommies dot com) during my pregnancy and after but i just CAN NOT handle the "should i take my baby to the tanning bed with me? will my baby be fat if i feed him more than 30 ounces of formula a day? should i leave my baby with my DH (dear husband) overnight? my MIL gave him a taste of GARLIC BREAD (the horror!). twitter is sooooo stoopid!! SMILEY FACE. SAD FACE. EMOTICON STICKING TONGUE OUT FACE. GLITTERY MOVING GIF IMAGE. and don't get me started on the horrid punctuation and grammar. I am no spelling bee queen, but dear god.

i see the purpose in the boards and i
know they are a huge support system for so many, but i get all nervous like a 12 year old that no one is going to answer when i post. (do you like me? click Y for yes N for no.) i realize there are people on those boards i would probably connect with if i tried, but i prefer the blogs. i prefer picking and choosing my news. i prefer picking and choosing the other mom blogs i can take advice from or identify with or commiserate with or laugh with. i know my blog skills aren't the most stellar, but i hope that you enjoy it and will keep reading this new chapter.

allz i know is my google reader subscribtions are FULL of great blogs - some are mom related, some are news related, some are design related, some are social media related. it's all OUT THERE. and i love, love, love it. that's right. I LOVE YOU INTERNET.

tee hee.

as you can see, i have THOUGHT about this.

and you thought all i was doing was posting cute baby pictures.


Unknown said...

Okay, so I think I just ate half a wormey thing in my strawberry right as I was about to comment on your post. Sick. Trying not to throw up...surprised I haven't gagged yet. Sick. Washing it down with dill pickle Pringles.

ANYWAY...I hear you about the blogging. Not sure where to take mine, either. There are SO many mom blogs out there, it's hard not to feel like anything I'm going to blog about has already been blogged about, just not with baby Sadie.

So when are we introducing Nate and Sadie, by the way?

melissa said...

i love this post. i love the sockies. and i love the label. and, omg, i love you. :)

keep it sweet cheeks. you're my blogging touchstone.

melissa said...

keep it UP. clearly.

Lauryl Lane said...

i agree. i was an avid forum-member when i was younger. in the year 2000 (yes, NINE years ago- BEFORE i started college!), i stayed a few days in Paris with a woman and her husband and baby - i had met the woman online at a forum for jane austen aficionados. my parents were horrified and scared, but marie met me at the gare d'nord and introduced me to her city. that weekend is one of my best memories.ever. my love affair with forums has since waned and i keep up with people via blogs instead-- like you said, the ability to pick and choose who to keep up with is far better than weeding through mundane and badly-written posts from the masses on a forum. but blogs really are fabulous. and when you're open to meeting blog friends IRL, sometimes you'll discover some really amazing people you would never have known, otherwise. the bloggy world is a damn good world. ;)

Susan said...

A. You will NEVER be boring. You are uber-entertaining. Sometimes I think we share a brain with the way you word things.
B. I've been a Mommy-blogger for 2 years now. I don't have the readership you have, but I think I have devoted followers! I think I get some non-Setler stuff in there too.
C. The blog is about YOU and your family and friends...that's what we're interested in, so write whatever you want.

Susan said...

P.S. You taught me to blog. And, for that, I will forever be thankful. Love at first type for me as well. Blogging completes me.

Meredith said...

Dude, you are not a mommy blogger. And I mean that as a humongous compliment. Mommy bloggers make me sad (insert sad, glittery face that blinks when you hover over it with your mouse). Keep up the grammar, keep up the fun stories, and you're good to go!

Meredith said...

Yikes, I just realized your friend above me just said she was a mommy blogger. I guess I should clarify, I don't consider anyone that talks about their kids to be a "mommy blogger." I put them in a class of their own. Susan, don't hate me.

Ashley said...

No one will ever get sick of reading about your baby. Those squishy cheeks, that rad mohawk, who can resist that little guy. And I don't think you're a mommy blogger and even if you only wrote about little Nater you still wouldn't be a mommy blogger. Your blog is about YOU and YOUR life and Nate is a HUGE part of it, but I don't think that writing about your experiences as a mommy defines your blogging "style".

And for the record, I would click Y for yes, and I think I'm speaking for tons of people here:)

Sarah said...

these comments are cracking me up.

the only thing i post now is pictures of lucia. i always have good intentions of blogging about this and that..or a funny story here and there... but it never happens. twitter has not helped either, it has made me lazy! i do love my blog though.

love your socks too. and your nate posts. and you.

Sarah said...

and the grammar thing is quite humorous. i get so mad at myself when i make grammar errors (when i catch them that is). i always wonder if other people get mad at themselves too? or if they even care? or notice?

Maria said...

You're funny no matter what you write.

P.S. Please include pics of Nate whenever possible. I love them-- especially when you are in them too. Double bonus!

Nanna said...

Love your blog. It's like the "editorial" or "opinion" page in the newspaper, which by the way I never read anymore because when I need a good laugh or entertainment I read your blog. You do have a way with words and obviously have a following of various ages and backgrounds. So, I think that means you are a very interesting and entertaining person! Just read Brookes blog...DILL pickle pringles?? I must try them.

care said...

we will read as long as it's you posting, dear.

and if you are a mommy blogger? you are not ONLY a mommy blogger. so there. :) and if you ever become ONLY a mommy blogger? just post pics o' nate and we will LOVE it.

Andrea said...

I <3 your blog! Just keep doing what you're doing, your style is awesome.

I also love the semi-connected feeling I get from reading other blogs. Even if it's not IRL it's still rocks to know that other women around my age are going through some of the same life changes that I am.

Kate said...

Just commenting to say that I occasionally click over here from "Me? A Mom?" (who I also do not know 'in real life'), and I enjoy your blog. Do what you enjoy and don't worry about it.
I guess if being a mommy and a blogger makes you a mommy blogger, then yeah, you are one - but what's wrong with that? I guess that makes me one, too.
No one would be reading if they didn't find what you were posting to be interesting, so obviously they (we) do! Good luck with the transition to SAHM.

Rina said...

Hehehehe I'm clicking Y for YES I like you and love your blog and NaterNate is WAY too cute.

Um, I hear you on the grammar and emoticons and extraneous crap that people put on their blogs or other forms of social media. GAG.

Keep it up, lady, you rock!

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