ya'll got patio seatin'?

i have spent most of my day FREAKING OUT about baby maddox and his grand entrance into the world (and blogging at jenny's (internet) place and texting and twittering it). i am unbelievably proud of my dear friend jenny and her husband jeff.

i am also unbelievably proud of myself. um, on a MUCH, MUCH smaller scale. it feels wrong to even tell you this story in the same post that i speak of a woman growing and birthing a baby, but, well, i am going to do it anyway.

(it's not that great. i promise.)


today i drove our truck out to bryant (this is a town outside of my snobby more-than-five-miles-is-the-country Little Rock comfort zone)(also, me + truck + highway = yikes.), drove down a gravel road, backed it into a loading dock, and helped load furniture. all with a baby in the car. this city girl done good, right? i feel this should earn me extra points in my (apparent) quest to be considered a true arkansan. (next thing you know i will be attending gun shows.)

but seriously?! Me and the Reverse Button? we don't normally get along. i'm a terrible driver.
but i backed that truck in like i had been doing it my whole life. AND i admit it was a little thrilling when the delivery dock dude was doing the "a little more, a little more, a little more, st - no, a little more, ok! (indicated by the universal full palm of stop)" wave in my rearview.

okay, back to our regularly scheduled program of gushing over babies and boobies.

in case you missed it somehow, MADDOX ALEXANDER has arrived.


Lauryl Lane said...

oh dear oh dear oh dear. you and your truckin shenanigans make me laugh so hard. are you really trying to be a true arkansasian (is that a word?)? i don't think that's typically something that people aspire to, although i could be wrong.... and i DID NOT MISS baby Maddox's arrival- THANK YOU. So exciting!!!

melissa said...

good work with the pick 'em up, sister. alls you need now is a dipping habit and a whitesnake t-shirt.

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