height and weight - get your comparison calculator out please

nate had his one year doctor appointment today. he had a lot of shots. i have never been bothered by the giving of the shots. and he does not appear to be either. it's just a needle (or four). stick, cry, kiss, stop. (though holding him down does suck. it took the two of us this time.) (how sweet is it that karl comes to all his shot appointments?) He is 31 and 1/4 inches tall. officially more than half of me (er, height wise only. cause weight-wise... that would be weird as he weighs, uh, almost 22 pounds. me at 44 pounds = not alive.) so, yea, he's tall and skinny. i'm guessing most of us knew that by now.

so far he has proved to be a healthy little thing. let's hope it stays that way. he has only been to the doctor (outside of well visits) maybe 3 or 4 times and only prescribed antibiotics twice. (and only taken them once and even then i am not convinced they were completely necessary as the side effects appeared to outweigh the benefits (read: much pooping ensued.) (like on the floor.) (don't tell but we didn't finish the full round as recommended.) he did have quite a few minor colds/fevers when he started daycare and one or two vomit viruses, but nothing that time or a little baby tylenol or ibp couldn't fix. i do love our pediatric practice b/c they don't immediately jump to antiobiotics and they always give us the choice if we want to administer them. (proving again that is how minor his illnesses have been.) honestly the crap he brought home from daycare wiped me out way worse than him.

anyway, i hope his lack of sickies now doesn't mean he is destined to be a sickly toddler or adult... maybe he can just BE healthy his whole life. like always. and forever. sigh. a mother can dream.


brooke knight said...

mmmm, brownies. you should mail me three.

The Munchkins Mama said...

my hubby who is a doctor would love to hear that you LIKE your doctor who doesn't prescribe antibiotics for every little thing...if only more people were like you...his life would be a lot easier!

sdhorton said...

He is tall. Nash was 30 in at his check up but weighed more. It would be sooo nice if they did not get sick. I hate that part.

melissa said...

your label almost made me crap my pants. it's either that or the general tso's chicken i had for lunch. either way, good work.

Sarah said...

love the title!!!
way to go nater tot ... healthy healthy babe.

Jennifer said...

man those brownies were good! Tell Nate I love him and miss him already.

Susan said...

He's over half your height?! hahahaha....that's funny. I just envisioned you scolding him when he's 8. He's towering over you and you're looking up at him shaking your finger, with your other hand on your hip saying, "Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap, young man!" ahahahahahaeheheheheh

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