guess what?

i left my camera cord in little rock and i am in st. louis! so you might have to go a few days sans nate pictures. gasp. the horror. apologies.

i hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday.

my drive here was nasty - well, actually it was wonderful until the final 30 miles where all hell broke loose in the form of rain, poop, and tears. solo drives are not my style. solo flight? yes. me behind a wheel? no.

this was the final picture of me pregnant. i kind of miss that big ole belly. it was so beautifully MASSIVE. and, no worries, i don't miss it that much.


megan said...

wow...i thought you were about to announce somethine!!

Sarah said...

I thought this was going to say you were preggo with number dos!

You trickster.

Jennifer said...

I loved that lucky pregnant shirt. I passed it on to B. Love you and I can't wait to see you with another big belly some day.

Lauryl Lane said...

i notice the sunglasses more than i notice the baby belly in this photo. weird.

Andrea said...

Hehehe...I love that belly! It literally looks like you swallowed a basketball - score!

Rina said...

Ahhh hahahahah seriously I choked when this post came up in my reader!!! Nice job.