Lotioning and Oiling. Oiling and Lotioning.

despite all the lotioning and oiling, the minute we got on the plane to come home, my shoulders started peeling. and that, my friends, is when i knew: vaca was over. i was ready for my baby and my bed and my kitchen and my shower and my shampoo anyway.

the dominican was gorgeous. we ate, we snorkeled, we sailed on one of those catamaran hobie thingeys (uh, i felt like i was sailing for two days after we got off.), we slept (like rocks - i swear i haven't slept that deeply since i was 20 weeks pregnant.)

Susan (who brought me that cute green dress!) has some more images up on her blog - they are much better than mine. which i need to, uh, download. after i, um, do some birthday party planning which got DENIED in the stressfulness of getting the baby here and there (um, to STL) before and after the trip.

it's good to be home.

more blogging happening soon. that's a fact.


melissa said...

that scene is probably hands down the greatest commentary on young love in cinema history. probably.

you look SUPER F*CKING CUTE, loverbug. glad you had a good time, even more glad you're home.

xo hot stuff.

Sarah said...

Booo... Susan has a private blog.

Love you my little Library-Taking-Mama!

Lauryl Lane said...

that picture is adorable! so you left the baby and went on an adults-only vacay? how was that? was this the first trip without nater? i'm curious as to how that all works out. my parents never traveled- EVER- without a baby. of course, it seemed my mum was either always pregnant or always nursing or both, so... but, i like the idea of letting baby stay with the grandparents from time to time.

sdhorton said...

Glad your trip went well. I'm curious how you did with leaving Nate? Good luck on the birthday party planning. I didn't realize how stressful that was until I did it.

Susan said...

Birthday planning is fun. I'll help; call me. I'm excited to see Karl's underwater camera work.


The Munchkins Mama said...

what kind of camera do you use to shoot pics of Nate?

meredith said...

Oh, Wendy. You look about as happy as a clam. Glad to hear about the good sleep...so yummy.

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