cluck cluck buh-cawk

I continue to live in a cloud of germs, but, thus far am safe. i don't know how as i am pretty sure nate has coughed directly INTO my mouth and I for sure woke up with my face smashed into karl's pillow last week. don't french kiss me just yet, but I am hoping for the best, drinking a (f)load of gatorade, and sleeping when i can. poor little nate is feeling better but is sleeping with the humidifier and in his car seat on the floor by our bed. (it's upright; the coughing is not near as bad.) my night goes like this: karl coughs, i punch the pillow and sigh loudly. nate coughs, i sit up straight and make mother hen clucking noises and pat his arm or touch his hair until he settles back down. it's dreamy.

thanks for all your well wishes; we are on the mend. and, once we mend, i need to get AWAY. karl and i have been dreaming about reinstating our annual NYC trip (we usually go for our anniversary around labor day). We really want to take Nate with us (though my parents might kill us if nate goes to a yankees game before a cards game!). Nate has been on several flights, so I am not so worried about that (though he is much more wiggles now). I am not really worried about being in the city; mostly i am worried about cabs. I understand once we are there we can walk or take the subway, but I don't understand how to get from the airport to the hotel. bringing a carseat seems so CUMBERSOME and UN-new york.

And finally, on the blog housekeeping front (that i talk about so often!): I will be updating my blog links list tomorrow (that seems ambitious; maybe within the next few days) and would love to link to you or correct your link in my list. if you haven't updated in, let's say, 60 days: SLASH you are UP FOR DISCUSSION. ok, not really, i will just delete you and shun you in public (no temporary unshuns.) Leave me a comment or email me here.


Sarah said...

Take the bus from the airport to the city; it might take longer, but you can put babe on your lap.

Lauryl Lane said...

oh you poor little family, i am so glad to hear you are all on the mend. hugs!

Aubrey said...

Poor Nate! And poor Karl too...what with the pillow punching and all. :)

NYC, here you come!

Andrea said...

I'd love to be added to your link list!


Here's to a germ free household sooner than later.

melissa said...

ha ha ha! please don't put me up for discussion. i don't know if i can handle the pressure. :)

glad everyone's getting better. and karl should be thankful you're punching the pillow and not him. is that mean? i don't care. it's true.

xo, mama. xo.

Ashley said...

haha, i'm pretty sure that i'd do the same thing with the husband vs. baby cough situation! And you bring up a good point, what DO NY people do when they have babies? I can hardly imagine that they lug around a carseat just for the cab...

The Smiths said...

I wonder if you could rent one from the airport or cab company. If not I foresee and business endevor. We price some NY trips and found some very reasonable deals but settled in NO, LA for a labour day trip. Sending the germ fairy your way (she's like the tooth fairy...she taketh not giveth)

Stacia said...

shew wee I am up to date I hope...lol
Glad the boys are feeling better!

sarabethjones said...

oh best best best of luck making that NYC trip happen! at least i'll get to go along pretend-wise.

♥Joy♥ said...

if you cut me from your blog list i'll cry.

i am in ww3 right now, so i've been silent. thanks for the comment, i'm happy to know you still read even in my funk.


Megan said...

I am glad to hear that your little family is feeling better.

Sarah said...

dude, how did lucia get to be in the middle of that list of baby names? wasn't she at the top just yesterday?

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