my last weekend as a deer widow

karl is going down to deer camp this weekend. the camp is in southern arkansas (nashville, home of the nashville scrappers, pronounced nash-vul.) they are going down not to hunt but to clean up camp. because the camp, my friends, has been SOLD. it belongs to family (from mineral springs, pronounced mineral springs, where there is nary a walmart) and they pay dues to hunt every deer season. the past few years have been slim on hunting for k - with work and me and the baby and all, so the news isn't a big shock.

i find it highly entertaining (and slightly repulsive) that k likes to hunt in the first place. there aren't too many terribly geeky IT professionals who dig shooting bambi in the face. (do you aim for the head?) I also find it highly adorable. i know it's ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, but the first time i saw the dryer sheets that smelled like dirt and trees (literally like dirt. you know, so you blend.), i had to smile. i mean that is just funny. plus, when we go to camp together, i get to ride the four wheeler through the woods and climb in deer stands and feel like the country girl i most certainly am not. (there is a cabin with toilets. you know i don't pee anywhere else.)

likes: hunting deer, computer software, designing websites, eating cinnamon toast crunch, playing the Sims3, running marathons, museum hopping in NYC, drinking wild turkey, the $2.99 dark meat meal at KFC
dislikes: health insurance companies, comcast (well, bad customer service in general), meatloaf, watermelon, rude people, unsolicited advice (particularly about childbirth and babyraising - it's super cute.), and america's next top model.

proof that i have been to the deer camp and driven a four wheeler to a deer stand which i then proceeded to load with corn: (this belongs in the category: RIGHT HERE LADIES AND GENTS. STEP RIGHT UP.) also: (PLACES I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE IN MY LIFE.)


melissa said...

oh, hunting. i have been on many a hunting trips myself, as my father is an avid bambi killer. and, judging by my complete lack of entertainment on said hunting ventures, i have to assume that my real dad is the mailman. (but hunting and the people who enjoy it are pretty cute. i wonder if anyone else feels that way... ???)

i have a novel full of words i could say about this post, but really, my main concern is that KARL DOESN'T LIKE ANTM. you guys should have really hashed that out before saying "i do." ;)

Lauryl Lane said...

boo on shooting bambi!

Maria said...

My uncle is an IT geek and deer hunter. i grew up hunting, so... yeah. Our cabin (meaning my grandpa's, but I still claim it) does not have running water, but it does have a composting toilet in a "pretend" bathroom. My contribution? Told grandpa to install a rain barrel in there with a sink, so one could at least wash their hands (but don't drink it!). Any way....

sdhorton said...

I don't like hunting either and glad my husband doesn't hunt but I do enjoy four wheeler riding! You look like you enjoyed it too.