sundays are for ballers

i really have been BOMBING with the camera work lately AND i have been taking LESS images than normal, but, eh, well, whatever.

so big, n'est-ce pas?

this sunday i am simultaneously watching the emmys, the cardinals and cubs, AND a show on lifetime that i can't admit publicly to watching. I AM ONE TALENTED WOMAN.

i do have some nuggetz of internetz love:

  • a new take on the snuggie
  • a funny re: miley... i thought it was funny anyway.
  • AND, for all designers out there: here. #1 request: MAKE MY LOGO BIGGER. the mockumercial is worth a gander.
  • AND AND AND (and maybe everyone knows this but me) but when you are typing in the blogger editor (i think anytime you are typing in the firefox browser) and you misspell and it underlines it with that dotty red line... DID YOU KNOW you can right click and the magic computer dictionary will give you spelling options? WHY WHY did I not know this? for me, this revelation is similar to the amazingness of the CTRL+F light bulb of many, many, many moons ago.
i don't have a lot on the agenda this week. i feel guilty (irrationally) telling you that i will probably park it in front of the TV all week. i definately become a tv junkie early fall. karl and i keep discussing cable cancellation and i'm all "pshhhst. of COURSE we can cancel cable." and then things like TONIGHT happen where i want to watch THREE things at once and curse our DVR for only being able to record two at once. (and not let you watch the third! the HORROR. the TRAGEDY.) so, yea, i'll be on my couch. gaining back any weight i may have lost in the past two weeks.


Sarah said...

right. because the $100 cable bill will really increase cash flow. hahaha. we have the same convo all the time and cable always wins.

Anonymous said...

Nate looks so grown up and cute.

-Aunt Jayne

Angela said...

ahhh Fall tv!! So excited for everything to start up again. And Nate looks so grown up and adorable.

Ashley said...

1. Nater looks HUGE
2. You were watching DDD weren't you? Yep, me too
3. I kinda want a Snuggie. In leopard. Don't tell anyone
4. The other day I told Lee we need another DVR for the bedroom because we can only record two shows at once and that's not working out for me.

Jax said...

I SO curse the dvr for only being able to record two things. And then I think "whoa. jackie. intervention." haha.. But yeah. It happened again tonight. *sigh* I blame the scheduling Gods for getting it wrong. Just sayin. Everything shouldn't be on one night. hahaha.. And Nate=adorablefabulous. That is all.

Andrea said...

I love the Miley thing, I am such a sucker for that song - YEAAAAAYAAEEEEAAA. (I generally hate this type of music)

Listen: we got rid of cable over 2 months ago and while we save money we are NOT not watching TV. Hello Netflix and Hulu hooked up to our TV. So.