don't you say i don't make things happen

so. er. um. uh. yea.

i totally colored my hair


pierced my nose.

in the same day. i'm more of a jump right in kind of girl. and once i decide something, well i GO GO GO do it. PLUS i am super happy with both choices so that is a bonus.

my mom says that it is gross and she can't believe i stepped foot in a (gasp) tattoo parlor and that it is (fucking; yep she said that!) ugly. she (jokingly) suggested i wear a burka the next time we visited so she didn't have to see it. my dad thought i was joking and my sister (borrowing a phrase from my dad when i pierced my tongue way back when) said it was the mark of a retard. (for the record, none of us use the word retarded lightly but that expression does make me giggle. it's just wrong.) so, basically my family was very supportive and ON BOARD! one of my darling dearest best friends told me that i was going through a quarter life crisis and that i should do something less drastic like (and i quote) like "just get pregnant again." HA. others also gave the idea TWO THUMBS DOWN but i was a hopeless cause - not to be talked out of it! i figure i can take it out in a few months if i hate it, but i'm pleased as punch at the moment.

two of my besties (for the record, i am opposed to the expression 'besties' and am using it here in jest) kristen and melissa went with me to said tattoo parlor (7th street in Little Rock for all you local readers; they are quite professional. very, very pleased with my experience.)

kristen held my hands and i made a quiet little EEEEE sound as the post went through my nostril. i tried hard not to look at any of the equipment so if you have a technical question about this whole nose dot things, i am NOT your girl. i saw a corkscrewey thing on the post of my little dot and turned away. don't wanna know. did it hurt? yes. it felt like a super intense eyebrow wax. that still hurts the next day. and, yes, it also feels a little like there is a large boog in there so that will take some adjustment.
also, i did ask if it would bleed which is something i did NOT do when i pierced my tongue way back when (the day of my 18th birthday b/c my parents would NOT take me before then!). the tongue bled and i was surprised and thought i was dying. the nose did not. (though she said some peoples do a little.)

i didn't know what side to get it on. i hadn't even thought about it until they asked and then i just blurted out right. i like my nose. i like my right side best. PERFECT, right? RIGHT SIDE it was. then, when i got home and googled "nose peircing" i discovered that many people think getting it in the left nostril helps with pain during child birth. huh. who knew? ah well, if my next labor is like my fast and furious first, i don't think the whole tiny dot in one nostril thing would help.

i have been OBSESSIVELY cleaning with the recommended antibacterial soap and a q-tip. which is super fun for me b/c my doctor doesn't allow me to use beloved q-tips in my ears. (i have ridiculously small ear canals and produce more wax than the average human being and q-tips are apparently bad for me.) (sometimes i use them anyway. i love a good q-tipping. who doesn't, right?!?! don't tell my doctor!)

so, here is my teensy teeny itty bitty new friend dottie. karl likes it! (he says he does anyway!) Honestly, it feels like its supposed to be on my face and i am sad i didn't do it sooner (ahem, in college as one of my darling dearest best friends suggested - "that's a college thing!" she said.) ah, well, too old, too fat, whatever, i don't care! I LIKE IT! i'm gonna rock it for awhile.

this is what nate did when he saw it:
laughing at me just like the rest of my family!

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