god i miss the bacon

two years ago TODAY we were living (for four glorious days!) in a private villa (spoiled!) in puerto vallarta with a cook and a bartender and open air showers and potties (imagine peeing with THIS view!) and hot tubs and rack of lamb and mosquito netted beds and piles of delicious bacon every morning. we were there for this beautiful, gorgeous wedding:

(look: tan! skinny! smiley! well rested!) (i'm sure we had our complaints at the time!)

today i wished jenny and jeff a wonderful anniversary, and we reflected on the massive amount of wonderful, positive changes (Baby Nate! Baby Maddox!) that have taken place in our little lives since then! it's both hard and easy to believe that nate was just a little sesame seed at the wedding (oh the nausea!) (i think PV may have been the root of my mexican food aversion while pregs!)

the recent weeks alone have proven to be a HUGE transitional time for many of us:


Jenny just started a new job this week, Brooke and Paul are about to burst out a baby (well, i guess Baby Parker will be doing the bursting), Melissa officially set a date for her impending LA move (one way ticket PURCHASED PEOPLE!), Karl is in the first week of his new job for our family... it's been a big few weeks! i know i have talked to all of these girls recently (er, okay, today! one in person, one via phone, and one via gchat) and we have all been semi-negative about this or that or the other everyday thing (what can i say? it's fun to bitch!) BUT THESE ARE SOME EXCITING, AMAZING times and it makes me hap-hap-happy to share my times with them and their times with me and all our times with our corner of the internets. we are lucky (and driven) people. (aside:
thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your own corners of the internet. the way we connect feels drastically different than DAYS OF OLD. being connected keeps me sane!)

sometimes when i get caught up in the day to day with nate or karl or the GD dogs, i really have to remind myself to look for that positive and appreciate every phase as it's happening. (more livelaughloveliveinthemomentbullshit ALERT!)

AND dear god, what is it going to be like in TWO MORE YEARS? 2011? (hopefully the internets won't EXPLODE or OVERLOAD and I will still be blogging/present online in my little corner of the internet!)

(p.s. on a completely UNRELATED note, is anyone else freaked out about saying (like actually speaking outloud) 2010 - do you say twenty ten? two thousand and ten? ten? one zero?)



Angela said...

oh wow! lots and lots of changes- so cool. :-)

sarabethjones said...

I'll just be so glad not to be saying "twenty aught nine" anymore...

melissa said...

i'm feeling like this might be my favorite post ever. everything totally HAS changed, and will continue. jeeeeezum crow. and two years from now? i don't even want to THINK about where we'll all be!!!

sidenote: that picture is hilarious, and if we could all just put our lives on pause and go back to mexico for, say, a year, i would be a hap-hap-happy girl indeed. :) xo

Jennifer said...

first of all i'm pretty sure we can all agree this post has the best label of all time.

Thanks for all the anniversary love. I love you!

Lauryl Lane said...

wow. seems so much longer. congrats to jeff&jenny! tell your friend melissa to look me up when she gets to LA. i'm always good for a good time. ;-)