so here's the thing

I would love to show you pictures from our Friday day at the park with Nate and his friend Nash. It was such a great day weather-wise and company-wise. I would have loved to capture via digital the boys eating rocks and sticks and giggling at each other like MAD every time we said the word YUCKY.

But I have no pictures.

I would love to show you pictures from the Zac Brown Band concert friday night (1. because it was awesome. and 2. because we were THERE.) I would love to show you pictures of our pre-dinner double date at the oh-so-delicious Sticky Fingerz Rock n Roll Chicken Shack. I would love to show you pictures of my cowboy boots and us jumping up and down during a song about fried chicken and cold beer. I would love to show you a picture of our post-concert Kroger run for more beer (like we needed it), frozen pizza (now we did need that), and collasal peanuts (in that order.) i would love to show you pictures of us waltzing in to our house to wake up a sleeping sweet Melissa who so nicely took care of Nate for us. I would love to show you pictures of myself passed out on Nate's batman couch on the middle of my living room floor. (i am confident this would have made QUITE the picture of maternal responsibility.)

But, alas, I have none.

I would love to show you pictures from our little family's Saturday (Karl took the early shift after aforementioned passing out.). We hit the park, snuggled in bed, and tried a new restaurant.

But, nope, no pictures HERE either.

I would love to show you pictures from Sunday. I would love to show you Nate gobbling up pizza with his Uncle Matt. Or I would show you the wonderful spread of food at our friendsgiving party at the St.John/Short household. I would love to show you some food coma pictures of our friends - eyes closing, jeans unbuttoned, moaning and groaning (isn't that just the picture of thanksgiving? yep, pretty sure that's what the Pilgrims envisioned.) I would love to show you pictures from a worship service Karl and I went to - we had drinks, we listened to music, we talked about connecting with each other and with our city.

But, ah, I am sure you are seeing the pattern now - no pics of any of that either.

All my camera has to show from this crazy busy week and weekend? Three frames of Nate in the bathroom climbing on the toilet. Um, what? I mean, it is where he was born and all BUT this is simply unacceptable. PARTICULARLY b/c my goal of the week was to TAKE MORE PICTURES of things other than my child. (::headdesk::) i have been scrolling back through my old photos (mostly for upcoming way back wednesday posts that i somehow always manage to MISS!) and there are tons and tons of group shots and silly shots. we still attend these group events. we still love all the same peoples (and many more new ones!). NEED pictures. STAT. when i am old and gray, I don't want to forget ONE of your PRECIOUS faces. Sometimes we get so busy BEING we forget to commemorate I guess!

i hope everyone had just as wonderful of a weekend (and managed to capture at least a little of it via camera?).


{lauryl} said...

i know how hard it is. i'll be really good about taking pictures and then really bad. like, i missed about 20 photo ops on our vacation these past few days b/c i keep forgetting to bring my camera with me on our excursions. #fail. ;-)

m-m-m-melissa said...

dude i have my camera in my bag all day every day and the last two pictures on it are one: of my with a giant spoon at pier one on sunday and two: of a cool pumpkin from halloween. before that, i'm pretty sure they date back to the summer sometime. short story long: i am REAL bad at kodak moments, even though i have every opportunity to be GOOD at them. such is life. :)

nicole said...

Don't feel bad for not posting pics. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Living in the moment is more important than trying to capture the moment. I see so many people updating their Facebook page when something amazing is going on... it makes me wonder, Why are you thinking about Facebook right now? For instance, one Facebook "friend" took a picture of her boyfriend proposing, as in, the guy was still down on one knee, so she could post it as a mobile upload. Seriously! Say yes and celebrate! And put down the iPhone every now and then!

sdhorton said...

I thought about doing a very similar post. We too did a lot this weekend and didn't capture any of it on camera until Sunday afternoon at Chris's grandparents Thanksgiving. Would have loved to get a pic of Nash and Nate Friday. They were too cute. BTW we went to see Santa on Saturday and Nash was terrified so we didn't get a pic of that either.

Susan said...

You went to Zac Brown concert?! Now I understand that text! "Toes in the water, ass in the sand..." I did these things just yesterday, however, sadly, no "beer in my hand", but "life is good today" nonetheless!

Anonymous said...

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