These images represent me shouting from the, uh, mountaintops (er, back porch steps): Look! We're OUT of DOORS. Hooray. Feel the sun on your cheeks! Take off your jacket!

We have spent no less than all day every day outside engaging in various outside activities. Today, we spent some time "cu-kin" (cooking) "sup" (soup...er, leaves) in the dog bowl (stirred with a stick spoon). We also played basketball (for hours) and pushed around the lawnmower (what? it's EDUCATIONAL.).

God, I love the outside. Can Spring stick around forever?


sdhorton said...

I love the bridge picture. It has been so great to be outside lately.

melissa said...

outside > inside. even on rainy days. glad you and mr. boots have been taking advantage!!! xo

Anonymous said...

hi love good catching up with you today! lets gchat again soon :) xoxo alove