irish catholic roots

So, you may have noticed if you know me at all or follow me on the twitters that we celebrate St. Patrick's Day in my family! This year Nate and I decided to spend Parade Day in St. Louis with my family. (We also were able to attend a good friend's wedding shower so it was a double boosh kind of weekend.)

Here are some Photos of St. Patrick's Day PAST:

My grandparents marched and danced with a group called the Green Garter Brigade for, oh, maybe ten years or so. It was always fun (in younger years) to be huddled up under our blankets eating pretzel rods and an inappopriate amount of cookies waiting for them to pass by in the parade. Here are some shots of me from my second 2nd Pat's Day, jamming to Irish tunes on the front porch.

Here is Nate on his 2nd St. Pat's Day. The parade was way too cold for him and he spent a lot of it crying. (So that was fun.)
Dad and I enjoying a Guiness!
I don't think St. Patrick intended green beer, shamrock headbands, and excessive beads as celebration of his patron saint-ness, but, well, it sure is fun. My family has been celebrating in the exact same way since prior to my own birth. It was lovely to be a part of this year.

Happy St. Pats. Go put your green on.