everyone needs an alice

So, this post is going to be about The Internet and, in particular, a site called alice.com. Alice (the company) did not in any way prompt or contact me to write this post. I've been using the site for awhile now and am still enamored so I thought I would share.

Basically, it's a site that you order your, uh, home supplies (??) from (read: toilet paper and paper towels and tampons and deodorant and cleaning supplies and toothpaste, etc.). These are all items that annoy me to purchase and haul to the car to the house. (Read: I hate shopping. I promise I'm not lazy. And, I'm not complaining about erranding with Nate in tow BUT it is easier to order things online (free shipping!) than to corral an energetic-would-rather-be-running-around-and not-in-a-cart child.

I will say I emphatically and COMPLETELY disagree with their "everyone needs an alice" (simply b/c of the female factor) slogan, but it does communicate what they do (and it's so damn catchy) so I look past it. As a general household/life/marriage rule, Karl and I split shopping and cleaning pretty evenly b/c neither are tasks we particularly enjoy. (Read: So now he uses Alice too.)

Plus, ordering online eliminates my dangerous Target trips! That alone saves me money. I am in love with their black and blue toilet paper-filled boxes on my doorstep.
So, yea, check it out if you so choose.


Nate had his first (and second) popsicle ever today to celebrate April!


melissa said...

nate's little skinny legs make my uterus hurt.

will be checking out the alice. thanks for the tip.


Aubrey said...

This is one of the coolest things EVER. Thank you so much for sharing!

Alas, Alice doesn't ship outside the US. But you can bet I will be receiving blue boxes on a regular basis as soon as we live in America again. :)

Unknown said...

I've been meaning to start using alice. I've even got the iPhone apppp. So, do you order a bunch of stuff at once, or just when you need a single item? My worry would be that I'd have boxes coming all the time, and I'd feel guilty about all of the packaging. Am I worrying needlessly?

katandkarl said...

you have to order six items to receive the free shipping. the first month I ordered twice and had to pick up one or two things at the store but since then, i've just added via iphone app and have (surprisingly) been okay! prices are pretty comparable too.

Andrea said...

Kat, you are a f*cking genius! I love this so much I can't wait to show my husband tonight. Squeeeeee!!

P.S. I also have massive economical restraint fails at Target.


sarabethjones said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea! Cannot wait to use this. Thank you internet wondergirl!

Lauryl Lane said...

Okay, I have never heard of this, but am totally intrigued. For those of us who live in a big city and can't park anywhere near our homes/apartments, multiple trips to bring toilet paper (and other things) in from the car are absolute torture. I never thought growing up that I would appreciate my mum's driveway and the fact that we only had to walk up or down 10 steps and another 10 feet between house and car. After years of elevators and street parking and stairs and alleys... well, Alice.com might be a huge blessing. Thanks for the heads up! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm 30 years old, and I still hate buying some
products in public, much less a month's supply of
it. Call me shy...or whatever, but I'm totally
going to check this out!

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