and then i heard the doors lock

I am working on our Virtual 5K post and will have it up tonight.

In the meantime, I am going to share with you something that happened to us last week. I've been debating on sharing because I have been embarrassed and slightly traumatized ever since this particular event happened. But whatever, we're all friends here, right?!? (ANONYMOUS, I'm looking at you to leave EXTRA supportive and uplifting comments!)


Nate and I were wandering around the house Thursday morning, unsure of what to do with ourselves. I suggested the zoo and he lit up. (See the animals, mama!) (I swear I can not get over the full sentences that come out of this kid's mouth.) (And how did he even connect the word ZOO with ANIMALS? We've been to a zoo like twice.) Anyway, we pack up and head out. Nate proceeds to run around like a crazy person screaming BYE BYE ELEPHANT! BYE BYE GIRAFFE! TRAIN! TRACTORS! for a solid two hours. (He was TERRIFIED of the birds. TERRIFIED.) It was without a doubt my favorite morning of the week. It was also HOT so we headed to the car around 11:30, Nate exhausted and rehydrating in the stroller. (Me + 25lb stroller + 30 pound toddler = SWEATY.) I strap my red faced child in his carseat and turn the air on high while I put the stroller in the trunk. I start to open the door and hear my locks LOCK. (My car is OLD and my electrical is all kinds of messed up and the locks randomly lock and unlock... I usually always leave it unlocked... please come steal it.)

PANIC ensues. Everything is in the car... my BABY, my keys, my wallet, my bag ... RUNNING AIR CONDITIONING...my SHIRT... which I had just taken off to put the stroller in the trunk (I had a tank on under my shirt... but it was quite skimpy.). I DID have (THANK THE LORD) my phone, which had been in my bag the entire time but I took out to call Karl on the way to the car. I called Karl again FREAKING OUT. He 1. answered. and 2. got there within 10-15 minutes. 3. stayed on the phone with me the entire time ASSURING me that the cops and/or the Mom Police were not out in full force and there was no way they could know Nate was in there and staycalmyouarepregnant and they are NOT GOING TO ARREST YOU. I kept peering in at Nate like he was going to disappear or melt or who the hell knows what AND HE WAS SLEEPING. I can't get the child to nap to save my sanity on normal days, but I've never been so grateful to see his little eyeballs (well, lids, I guess) flutter shut.

I have to tell you guys: locking my child or leaving my child in a car is one of my biggest parenting fears. I always park directly next to a cart return - no matter how far away - at the grocery store JUST IN CASE. I feel like I always leave a door open or cracked until we're both in. I don't know why I closed the door in this case - I just wanted him to cool off quickly. I know the way that it happened was best case scenario. I know of many parents who have worse stories than this but DEAR GOD. I can't explain to you how stupid I felt. (I began channeling Cam from Modern Family and Johnny from Dirty Dancing.) And how Karl and I have been rethinking where we leave our keys and who has copies and other emergency-type plans. JESUS.

Ok, that's that. Thanks for listening. I'm still terrified SOMEONE KNOWS and is going to yell at me and turn me into to some sort of Better Parents organization.

Fun posts to follow, I swear. Here are a couple recent Nate shots:


melissa said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! You are an awesome mother! Curious about parking next to the cart holders...I don't know these tricks.

sdhorton said...

I totally would have freaked too but like you said it really was the best case scenario for someting like that to happen. It could have been a lot worse.And super cute pics by the way. I love the big brother shirt!

Megan said...

first of all, those nater pictures are gorgeous :) secondly, if you had really been channeling cam from modern family, i can only imagine what it looked/sounded like! i'm glad everything worked out and OF COURSE you wont be turned over to any authorities, real or imagined. you're a great mommy kat. xo

melissa said...

kitty kat, i'll just second what ol' meggers said. she is a smart girl, and you ARE a good mommy. the best. :) love you! xo

Unknown said...

Shannon pretty much stole my comment. And speaking of mommy police...the other day I left Sadie in a locked, running car on purpose. Yep, I said it. She was asleep, and I knew I could keep her that way if I ran into the house first without her to a) turn off the annoying beeping alarm, b) put out the damned dogs whose claws on the hardwood floors and incessant head shaking/ear flapping ALWAYS threatens to wake her up, and c) to close the curtains/turn on the music/kick the cats out of her bedroom. I am super paranoid about doing it on accident, so I can only imagine your panic.

Audreya said...

Even though most police departments will not unlock cars anymore, most will make an exception if a child is inside... and you'd be surprised how many times they get called because the child locked the parent out of the car and that sort of thing. I don't think they usually arrest the mom unless she just blatantly left the kid in the car while she went to get her hair done or something. :-) (Or you can come out here and David will unlock your car for any ol' reason. Our PD is still pretty lenient about it.)

Also, I love you even more since you are a Modern Family watcher!!! And I think Nate is awesome for being terrified of birds. Birds are the worst!!!

Lauryl Lane said...

Hey, EVERY mom has a similar experience at some point. My mom used to lock herself (and us) out of the house ALL THE TIME. It's okay! (and kinda funny, right?) PS When did Nate become a little boy? Golly gee, he looks all grown up. Wow! xoxo

megan mcniff said...

1. you are a wonderful mom to a handsome little man
2. we've ALL got a "don't tell the mom police" story and we moms gotta stick together
3. i think that is every mom's fear and it has happened to us all...thanksfully mine happened while i was parked outside and rob was still in the house...SCARY
-->at least you have the nice detail of being sweaty and newly preggo to add to the details of the story...i was just post-preggo and desperately in need of pumping/feeding....

4. if anyone says something bad, they're LYING....

can't wait for the race!

Susan said...

Since it's in my pregnant hormonal state to play "what if"...what if the car HADN'T been running with AC? Break a window? Scream hysterically?
Ya'll should go car shopping ASAP. Good excuse=child safety!
Did you make the "big brother" shirt? Cute. I had one made for Setler for our announcement. Plan to have him wear it to hospital next week (or Dear, God, sooner!)

Kate said...

eeek! Cam from Modern Family is my FAVORITE.

Sorry for your mishap, but I would've been thinking the same thing.

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