nate is now 2.

Dude, I know I've said this before, but (in true first time mother form) THIS IS MY FAVORITE AGE.

We had a small gathering for Nate's 2nd Birthday at the house. Well, in the backyard. Where there were fans. And small pools for the swimming. And beer. And cookies. And the most delicious cheddar bacon dip on triscuts that you have ever put in your mouth. (No, seriously.)

I am not sure what to say about Nate on his birthday post because there is so much to tell that I know I won't get it all. I shall try and share a few glimpses.

He doesn't walk, he runs. Not gracefully. It occasionally makes my heart flutter as he careens narrowly by table edges and, um, walls. (Yes walls.)

He speaks in complete sentences (they don't always make sense but there is ALWAYS more than one word). Though I will admit that he speaks much more clearly than I thought he would at this age. His wordcount is WAAAAAY over the 200 words they "should be" saying by 2. (For the record, I wouldn't mind if he was only saying 2 or 20 words at this point... I try not to put too much stock into the "shoulds" but IT IS AMAZING the words he says. Like EXCAVATOR. And BACKWARDS... when he is actually going backwards... how can I not talk about that?) When he wants juice, he says "juice please mommy," when its milk, 'milk please.' ITS CRAZY HOW THIS COMMUNICATION THING WORKS! Occasionally, it's COOKIE PLEASE all day and night. Additionally, he still says the F word to describe the T word (truck). (I do hope that goes away soon.) He can identify every letter of the alphabet, most colors correctly and has memorized many lines from his favorite books. He's not so into numbers or counting.

He watches one movie - Cars and only occasionally. We've found that when we turn the TV on in the morning, Nate is whinier that day than when we leave it off. He had gotten to the point where he could identify specific episodes of Word World (PBS show) and would request them but we wouldn't always get it. (Like he would say "sand shark" and we were supposed to understand that meant the episode titled "Castle in the Sea." CLEARLY. And, when we put on the wrong episode, well, cue toddler MELTDOWN. So, now if he melts down we just turn it off. Or, better yet, we just don't turn it on at all. He does love Cars and I can assure you he knows all the characters names. (Mater Fuck is my favorite.)

He is becoming pickier in his old age regarding food. We eat a lot of waffles and fruit and the staple favs - mac n cheese, chicken fingers, etc. I can still con him into edamame, but most other green things are snubbed.

Sleep? Well, he still only sleeps 10 hours a night with a 1 to 2 hour nap... which is about what he did when he was one year of age... so, erm, not much to say about that. I'm thankful that he takes a nap at all. I wish it was more and I JUST KNOW my next child will be a marathon sleeper. HAHAHA.

He went through a brief phase were he would tell me to "go away mommy" when he and Karl were playing in the morning. (I look a fright in the AM.) It hurt my heart a little, but it has passed for the moment and now when I walk in he gives me a big hug and says "hi buddy" as he snuggles my shoulder.

Despite some meltdowns, he seems happier than he has ever been. He laughs a lot so I do too.

He has his 2 year check up next week, so I'll be sure to share any interesting details. (like the # of bowel movements he has that day. STAY TUNED!)

Here are some of the cutie pies at the par-tay:

Here are Nash and Nate sharing cake. Well, Nate decided that he wanted a cracker instead.


sdhorton said...

This definitely is the funnest age so far. They look like such big boys!

Kyndal said...

Happy Birthday Nate! He is stinkin' cute. Always love hearing what's in store for us 6 months down the road!

Kate said...

happy bday, nate! is it too late for awesome robot cupcake ideas? because I just stumbled upon one:

Megan said...

happy happy birthday nater boots! xo mama. your new hair looks GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Kat, saw the cutest red t shirt with a ROboT on it at Target today. It was in the kids clothing section. Melissa and I both thought of you and Nate immediately. Happy Happy Birthday Birthday to Nate Nate. You are great parents.

Momma Dill

melissa said...

DAMN. i wish i was there. looks like you guys had a blast! happy birfday, nater potater! much love, hills fam. :) xo

melissa said...

two more things:
1. you look tan and hot. work it.

Richmond Rookie said...

Awww, Nater Fuck is my favorite too! You will love to look back on this years down the road. Good for you, mom, for taking the time to write it all down. Love you!

Aubrey said...

Love this update! The "hi buddy" morning greeting made me grin. Nate kinda sorta makes me think I would like a little boy someday. :)

Natalie and Matt Dill said...

I remember getting the phone call when he was born, from Karl, but intercepting cause Matt was fishin' with his Grandpa. He's so cute & you have done an awesome job as parents! Happy Birthday Nate!

Savannah B said...

Two is super terrific if you can look past the terrible (and really, my 2 oldest weren't terrible until 3.)

Nate is definitely the most rockin' two year old around, with the most rockin' mama.

Congrats to you and Karl for growing your little sea monkey another year older.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Nate!! I enjoy that you keep saying whatever age he's at is your favorite, it makes me not so sad for Cooper to get older :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Nate! The party looked like fun. He is so cute.
Mater Fuck reminds me of when Danny was a little younger, he saw Jake plugging something in and he said what sounded like "Fuck it Dad" but in fact he was saying "Plug it Dad".
-Aunt Jayne

Jennifer said...

It was so much fun. Sorry I hogged the family photo! hahaha! love you guys

Maria said...

So so so cute! I can't wait to see you all again. :)

P.S. I will say it. TB's age is not my favorite age. LOL!

Su said...

Just wait til 3! lol. They make up their own JOKES! It's unbelievable to see their brain really take off.

So sorry we missed the party by double booking Setler's party. We must discuss beforehand next year. Or, I won't be a month late, so it won't be an issue!

Yall are precious.

Panamamama said...

Sweet babies!