anxiety threat level ORANGE


Trying to pack again.

Leave in AM.

Incident with a paring knife and Nate this AM (everyone is fine; my heart is still palpitating).

My old age is preventing me from remembering all the details of our trip to St. Louis.


There was a trip to Grant's Farm, and a wedding, and some drinks with two of my favorite people (my sister and my husband), and, uh, some playgrounding, some Ted Drewes, a mini-bday party for Nate, friend visiting, grandparent playing and movie watching. What am I forgetting here?

Let's just look at the pictures. That will be fun.

See? Mi hermana y yo with our two free and fresh Budweiser products at Grants Farm. Though we do look a leeeetle shiny, this photo does not allow you to FEEL THE HEAT. Summertime in the Midwest = swimming through the air at all times.

But look he (she) likes the heat!? Or maybe the free milks Nate is about to feed him/her. Freakish little animals.
The playgrounding. That is me and Karl speaking to each other. Ridiculous.
The Ted Drewes crack cocaine frozen custard. All the lines went back this far at all the windows. Right out into the street where the police people yelled at you.
Apparently it was too noisy for Nate? No idea what he's doing here. We can clean up for weddings. See?
An attempt at the ever-elusive Family Pic. Good thing Nate is looking at the camera.
I am leaving Nate and Karl in Little Rock this weekend for a trip with some college friends. Crossing my fingers for ZERO paring knife incidents here or there over the weekend! Or, really, EVER AGAIN.


melissa said...

your little dress is friggin adorable. a-dor-a-ble. i love it. nater is, as always, as gorgeous as can be. glad you had a good time in the lou, and have BLAST this weekend! please give big hugs to everyone from ol' aunt melissa. :) xoxo

Richmond Rookie said...

I think the obvious "family photo" is the one of you and Karl communicating via some pipe upon which Nate is the conqueror. Could you really hear each other?? Oh, and I have stood in that Ted Drewes line. And it was worth every second.