have your cake and eat it too.

This will be Post #4 in my 5 Days of Wedding Pics to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (which is TOMORROW!).

I think it's important to note I'm against most traditional cake toppers. Like AGAINST. I feel strongly about this subject. Ahem:

So, we (I) decided to make our (my) own. My original concept was to have Karl and my photo/cutout on the top of the cake and all of our bridesmaid and groomspeople (in photo cutout) hanging out randomly on the other levels of the cake in various entertaining poses. HOWEVER, the cake wasn't big enough and the photos were all different sizes. Not to mention it takes FOREVER to cut out background on images and mount them on illustrator board (which is also not easy to cut.) So I scaled back my dream of a cake full of friends and decided Karl and I would have a photoshoot of ourselves in the most obvious "cake topper" poses. (To be honest, our good friend Audra did most of the work!)

And, TADA, this was born (created?):

After the wedding, we hung up these toppers on the fridge door until one day our DEAR DARLING DOG Roxy decided to lick the tinsiest of tinsy remaining frosting from the bottom and tore them to shreds. Oops.


Kelli said...

Very cute and original! Love it.

Audreya said...

Awesome! Though I had a cake topper (thanks, Mom), I am not a huge fan either. Yours, however, ROCK!!!

jessica said...

What a great idea! I love how unique and personal it is. Yay for your creativity!

Ashley said...

Bahahaha I LOVE your idea! It turned out really cute!