a tale of four pools and other happenings

You know how sometimes you have those weeks that get away from you and you think, hmmmm, WHAT THE HELL have I been doing all week? And it feels like you have been doing absolutely NOTHING but, in reality, there has been quite a bit going on.

Like so...

(See how I did that?)

Like Monday, when Nate and I were reunited from my Girl's Trip Weekend, and I discovered the JOY of painting the house with a paintbrush and a bowl of water. It kept him occupied for nearly an hour which is A LONG TIME in toddler time.
Or Tuesday when we had our girls INAUGURAL Supper Club, complete with place cards and basil martinis and corn bread and farmer's market yum yums.
After Supper Club, we wished our friend Blake many happy goodbyes. He is leaving for his 30 month Peace Corps assignment in Namibia (wikipedia link).
Additionally on Tuesday, Karl accepted a NEW JOB as a Developer for a new company. We're both semi-pumped about it.
This picture of Karl has nothing to do with his new job but I thought you might have forgotten what he looks like. HOORAY KARL! In typical Karl fashion, a couple weeks ago, he decided to look for a job, opened the computer to MONSTER of all places (who actually finds a job through Monster.com?), applied and had four subsequent interviews in the next four/five days. THINGS ALWAYS WORK OUT LIKE THAT FOR HIM. (Jealous. Plus, well, he is super employable). Truly, we are thankful and grateful for this new opportunity and interested to see what happens next! Additionally, he will still be involved with 84boxes on the side.

(Tuesday was a big day!)

Wednesday we went shopping for one of these:
which is SCARY. (Frame only is what I'm interested in from this shot.) I see some sleepless nights in my future.

Also I had lunch with a few of my favorite Little Rock blogger ladies. We spent two hours sharing, eating, laughing and being rowdy at the fancypants Capital Bar Hotel & Grill. It was divine. I ate this:which was, in fact, worth every calorie.

Between Thursday and Sunday (today) we have visited NO LESS THAN FOUR POOLS. We also had one trip to the Zoo which bordered on CRAZY due to the heat. Don't you hate those people that look totally unsweaty and put together despite the temperature? Yea, ME TO BECAUSE I LOOK LIKE THIS:
which, to say the least, is ROUGH. And maybe like I just ran a marathon instead of spending three hours at the Zoo.

Heat index today was banoodles - like 115. I love the heat and I can't help but admire my sunkissed arms and back every time I pass a mirror...though, unfortunately, that is the only part of me that is tan b/c most of our pool trips look something like this: (insert interchangeable parent where Karl is standing). More gratuitous Nate pictures to follow! Hopefully, this week will be just as full of LOVE & LIGHT! (Oh, why yes that is a RHONJ reference to wrap up the post!)



melissa said...

thanks for the trip through your week! love the following: nater jumping in pool, your sweaty face following zoo, delicious burger pic. okay i loved basically all of it. :) xoxo

Richmond Rookie said...

You had a very productive week, indeed. Love the supper club place cards - so cute! Congrats to Karl. Simply hearing back from a Monster.com job is phenomenal, let alone getting the job. Hope it's everything he's ever hoped for!

Audreya said...

I'm tired just after reading your post! I really didn't do anything noteworthy last week... except for cough!! And yes, "banoodles" is the perfect way to describe this heat. Or I'm just bitter my arms aren't sunkissed!

Loved the RHONJ reference! Talk about banoodles...

Jax said...

CONGRATS to Karl on the jobbidy! I still love the story of how quickly he found it... haha.. Nice. :)

sarabethjones said...

Loved loved loved the lunch. No one that I'd rather be rowdy with at a fancypants restaurant!

Next time I'm stealing some fries though.

Ashley said...

Love & Light!! hahaha, that woman is a looney tune if I've ever seen one. Love the gratuitous Nate pics! I can't believe how fast they grow. Congrats to Karl on the job! How crazy that he found it on Monster. I've never heard of ANYONE finding a job on there. I hate the heat. Hate it. You can't even go outside for a minute without sweating.

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