things that are wrong

THIS: Our friend @meliss_a was in town from LA this Wednesday. We used to have regular girlie friend nights on Wednesdays (in order to watch America's Next Top Model and drink beer and eat pizza whilst yelling at the modeling contestants to EAT A HAMBURGER ALREADY!). Lately, well, ANTM hasn't been on and this little thing called Life got in our way. So, with Melissa in town, we decided to GATHER. I sent out an email that said 'let's do it up old school' and made a joke about bringing a cheese-related product. We all took this statement LITERALLY:
I present THE MENU:

Cheese pizza, Little Caesars (1), Italian Cheese Bread, Little Caesars (2), Cheese Dip and Salsa, Mexico Chiquito (1), Pimento Cheese Dip, Taziki's (1), Bacon Cheese Dip, Kat's kitchen (1), Shells and Cheese, Katie's Kitchen (1), oh, and CHEEZITS for good measure!

Oh, and, clearly we complimented this fine cuisine with some booze of the beer and stinky gringo variety.

We. Are. Classy.

(I promise sometimes we do plan amazing events.)

(Just not on Wednesdays.)

After dinner, we clearly gathered in the kitchen (cause that's how you do) and spent some chatting about work and play and friends and family (cause that's how you do).
Don't worry. The party favors were little cellophane sacks all tied up with ribbon, cute little cheese-flavored laxatives within.

I think we need to REINSTATE.

Maybe with less cheese.


Jax said...

Mmm CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!! (Glad ya'll had fun! And want to hear more about Melissa's visit! YAY for her coming back to say herrow from the big city!)

Stacia said...

Awesome, just awesome!

Kate said...

wow. that's a lot of cheese.

also: you are WAY lucky to have so many girlfriends around you. I am officially jealous of your ability to have a Wed. night get-together. Seems like all my friends are scattered nationwide.

sarabethjones said...

If loving cheese is wroooonnng...I don't wanna be riiiiggght...

We also favor the stinky gringo around here. Nice!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hee hee, this made me giggle. That is SICK. Maybe next time we should not be so literal, yes?
I am IN for reinstating.

melissa said...

ugh, i wanna come back. like, today. is that all right? we can eat something besides cheese... like maybe a POTATO-THEMED dinner? yes? :) :) :)