la petite roche

Hey friends! Welcome if you are stopping by from Blog Trotting, a virtual tour of, um, THE WORLD. (Dun dun dun... insert evil laughter.) (And since I enjoy all things virtual I CLEARLY adore the concept of this site and am excited to tell you some FUN FACTS about myself and my city.)

1. These are my people:
That is me and the husband, we are Karl and Kat, which you have probably figured out since that is the name of our blog and I, um, assume you can read. Those are our dogs Roxy and Arlo that we totally love less now that we have a child. (STOP JINGLING YOUR COLLAR; YOU WILL WAKE THE BABY!), but were much easier to corral into this family photo shoot than our toddler, Nate. Please note the death clutch around Nate's waist.

2. I used to work in advertising (and am about to again!). After Nate was born, I went back to work for about 8 months before tearing my hair out from client requests to make their ads look blue like the color of the sky RIGHT NOW.

We love our city! My husband grew up here and I have lived here in Little Rock for almost 7 years. My first impressions were not so favorable (If you've ever moved TO the south, you feel the outsider vibe for a long time. Even if you are from the Midwest.).

But, now, I love it and for so many reasons! I see no less than 3 people I know everywhere I go.

Who couldn't love a place that has pedestrian bridges with views like this in the middle of the city?Image from our Run Like Robot Virtual 5K

Seriously, the "Natural State" is the most gorgeous place I have ever lived and I try to appreciate views like these on a daily basis. Check it:

To combat all the lovely calories burned from all the gorgeous outdoor scenery/activities, Little Rock must introduce many, many meals with CHEESE DIP. I fully support this.
There are even DOCUMENTARIES about this stuff, friends.

I'm still getting used to saying hey y'all and ye haw. You know you are a TRUE Arkansan when you can insert y'all THREE TIMES into one sentence like so: "Y'all better say y'alls prayers, y'all here me now?" (Say it out loud. It's real fun.)


katandkarl said...

Prasti from http://herethereadventures.blogspot.com/

thanks for the tour. man, that cheese dip is making me hungry for some...i don't care if it's 8 a.m.

we have friends from AR who moved up here (cleveland) about 3 years ago. i've never been there and i think it would be fun to take a vacation just to see where they're from. looks like there's some great stuff in little rock

katandkarl said...

lauryl from http://www.lauryllaneblog.com/

Wow. You really have acclimated to Arkansas... ;-)

Stacia said...

oh I would die for some cheese dip!!! saw your hubby jogging across the river bridge yesterday!

melissa said...

"if y'all don't finish y'alls dinner y'all ain't gettin any dessert, y'all hear me?" direct quote from my aunt vivian, every thanksgiving for probably 15 straight years. the only thing that keeps it from being a quote from my mother is that mama isn't too fond of "ain't." :)

sarabethjones said...

Little Rock LOVES YOU TOO.

(even though you're a Midwesterner)

CaraBee said...

I, too, have a hyperactive toddler. She keeps me on my toes, that's for sure! I can't imagine life without her, but whooee is she tiring.

That cheese dip looks DIVINE. But then I'm a big fan of all things cheesy. :)

Little Rock looks gorgeous, thanks for the tour and for being a part of BlogTrotting!

April said...

Hello Little Rock! I used to work in advertising too before I went into retirement at the rip old age of 32 to become a stay-at-home Mom. I know how those clients can be sometimes. I have been to Bentonville, to Walmart's corporate headquarters when I was with another company. I really, REALLY liked the part you mentioned about cheese sauce. We too like all things gooey, cheesy and drippy...especially if nachos are involved. What part of the midwest are you originally from?

mep said...

Kat and Karl -- how about the cutest (or "kutest") couple name ever?!

I too am in awe of the cheese dip. Plus, I am completely envious that you see three people you know wherever you go. Does not always happen where I live. What I want to know is how many of those people have special recipes for cheese dip?

I like your writing voice -- thanks for the tour!

sdhorton said...

love love the family picture.

Heather said...

Great tour, Kat! LOVE the birth story of your little guy...I always dreamed of a home birth, but chickened out and had all three of mine at the hospital, sans epidural, at least. Amazing how strong natural childbirth makes you feel: I am woman, hear me roar and all that...

Little Rock looks like a great place to live. Do you ever visit Betty's blog, Keeper of the Skies Wife? Her link is on my blog; she lives not too far from Little Rock, I think, and she is darling!

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