Nate-isms: volume 4,625

We had a recent visit to the ENT on the recommendation of our pediatrician. (Because Nate has had croup twice in the last six months.) I was hesitant to take him and I am sad that I did. I'm not going to say a lot about the whole appointment BUT there was a scope involved (through the nose) and projectile-exorcist style vomiting (from the mouth, on the wall). It only took a cotton-candy flavored sucker to make Nate feel better but me? Well, I'm still recovering! I MAY have put on Thomas the Train and locked myself in the bathroom for a few minutes when we got back home. Best news is: everything is fine.

So, what do you guys want to know about Nater-pants?

He is going to school two days a week and seems to be adjusting well. They are learning A LOT about writing letters. Like so: (ABC iPhone app... Nate did the, um, writing.) I'm thinking GENIUS CHILD, yes?
He says the most entertaining things and I love them all. Most of them start with "Nate do it" or his current favorite phrase is "I NEED to do it." I try to let him do it as much as possible. He's usually the kid with marker on his legs or ice cream in his hair or cuts and scrapes on his knees and elbows because he NEEDED to do it. And I let him. I am not yet sure if this is a good or a bad thing. (Because then when I NEED him to do something, like, say not run into THE STREET he has plans of his own.)

Though I will say, it is AMAZING how much I can tell his coordination is improving (even in the last two weeks) - he can run faster, further, jump off higher objects (as nate says: "no not scary mommy").

He is into trains. And cars. And other things with "big wheels." I don't know... boys and trains... I guess they just go together?

He gives bear hugs - which include him running up to you, throwing his arms around you and say "GRRRRRRRRRRAWWWW" (or whatever sound a bear makes.)

We go to the park quite a bit to run the bases. MUST. BURN. TODDLER. ENERGY.

He says phrases like "Mommy hold you" when he needs me and uses phrase like "muffie cakes" to describe blueberry muffins. He likes to whisper when you whisper and shout when you shout.

Last week he wedged himself behind the back couch cushion and said (with force) "I CLOSE THE DOOR" and then he grabbed my camera cord and put it on his chest and said (again, with force) "I PUT THE SEATBELT ON."

When his former teacher Ms. Julie comes over, he now takes her hand and leads her into his room where he slams the door and says "Bye Bye Mommy." (Though this morning he did come back out to give me a kiss.)

He's still shy. (Both Karl and I were apparently shy as The Children.) When greeting an adult he doesn't know he hides behind my (or Karl's) legs and says "Mommy. Daddy. Mommy. Daddy." until he feels comfortable. This can be exasperating because, you know, we like to do normal things, like, you know see people, but I'm trying not to push him right now.

He loves playing with the neighbor girls, Amy and Savannah and Lily. They occasionally cart him around like a little doll and force him to play ring around the rosy. (Until they are bored with him and find their scooters.)

Things are changing a little bit with the new (and the two) jobs. It's going to be a little stressful while I finish up the maternity leave coverage and start the new job. It all feels a little SPINNY right now.

What else do you wants to know!?!


Ashley said...

The Nate-isms posts are my favorite. It's just so fascinating to me how there little minds work :)

melissa said...

I SHUT THE DOOR. i love it. :) :) :) nate's adorable and anyone with eyeballs can see it. and he really is getting cuter and funnier every single day. i didn't even know that was possible. big love, hills fam. and more blogging about the job(s)!!! xo

Jax said...

Need more info on the second jobbidy! I love all the Nate posts and cannot believe how much his vocab has grown! I love the "No not scary mommy" or whatever.. haha! So cute! And the whole Thomas the Train thing had me laughing out loud a little at my desk...