words words and more words

Nate has decided that all water fountains and waterfalls are called 'water mountains.'

In fact, he confuses a lot of words as he navigates this whole COMMUNICATION thing. Most of them are hilarious.

I don't understand why the English language is so confusing:

(I know you appreciate the PEE IN A CUP visual!)

And, completely unrelated yet awesome, while I was searching istockphoto for the T-shirt image I found this stock art gem:It is titled "Beautiful Girl Demonstrates Sexier Way to Eat Breakfast Cereal, Milk" which, clearly, is how we should ALL enjoy breakfast. STOCK ART WIN!!


ty said...

I might have to start using "water mountains" ...

Jax said...

hahaha! Um.. that last picture is hilarious and disturbing all at the same time...

And water mountains is my new fav. For reals! I plan to tag you in a pic from vacation with the word "water mountain" as the caption. XOXO!

sdhorton said...

That last photo should be titled " anorexic girl enjoys cereal". Maybe that's just how it looks on my phone but man she looks skin and bones.

Andrea said...

That girl NEEDS to eat some cereal with some whole milk. :-P Hehehehe, snarky.

Meredith said...

iPhoto has given me some of the best (and also some of the worst) picture examples of all-time. That one is actually both (if that's possible). :) How do you know Tyler?! Or is this all blogland's doing?

sarabethjones said...

Oh. Oh iStock. Oh that poor girl. And poor whatever idiot thought that made a good picture.


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