hibernation continuation

Hibernation continues in all it's January glorious-ness.

I have (as of this moment) declared this winter the Winter of Reading. I need suggestions. STAT.

I am currently reading some Stephen King (Lisey's Story). I haven't read a good Stephen King novel since I was, oh, 12? 13? (My parents were very generous with their library!)

Next week is my book club selection - Room by an Irish author, Emma Donoghue - I HIGHLY recommend. (In fair warning, it is about sex slavery.)

ANYWAY, YOU THERE (tall girl. beverly.) I need your reading list. Share?


Amanda J said...

I'm currently on a trashy romance novel binge...Sandra Browm is my current fav.
Ow, doesn't that hurt them?
Doesn't seem to.
Well it would bruise the hell out of me!

Kristen said...

I too am on the trashy romance binge lol. I always enjoy a good Angela Knight!!
Or go back to the old fall backs Harry Potter or Twilight as I do when I can't seem to find anything new.

erniebufflo said...

Not reading anything for fuzies right now because of school. It's just me and King Lear.

Anonymous said...

"You. Tall girl. Beverly." <3

I just finished the first book in The Uglies series; the rest are in the mail and I can't wait to get them. It's an easy read (YA fiction) but has good characters and interesting under-lying themes.

I recently read Life of Pi and LOVED it. Probably my favorite book in at least the last 5 years.

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire was good. He also wrote Wicked. Confessions takes the same arc...the story as told by the characters considered "evil" in the traditional fairy tale. Both of the books are kinda monotonous until you get to the meat of the story, but he writes beautifully.

I just finished (while waiting for the rest of my series) I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg. It's about a young girl who's mentally ill and it really lets you live the illness. So neat. Similar to One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (which is also great).

Hope this helps. I've been reading like a fiend lately, as you can probably tell haha!

megan mcNiff said...

stephen king's latest is a book of 4 short stories...easy and classic stephen king.

The Help--super good

The art of racing in the rain--um..i may have cried at the end it was so good. told from a dog's perspective

older choices--jodi picoult's my sister's keeper (keep a box of kleenex by you) riveting but sad...

twilight (the series) is worth reading...
a good romance series is by diana gabaldon. first book is "outland" it has to do with time travelling and it's set in old day scotland. really good series..

hope this helps..
i totally feel you on hibernation.
we're in snow hell (if there is such a contradictory thing)....

melissa said...

LOVED Room. finished it 12 hours after buying it.

Kate said...

just finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime but I'm guessing you probably read that like 5 years ago when it was very popular. Guess I'm behind. : )

I'm now reading Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight -- kinda just started though.

Oh just realized both have dog in the title. But they're totally unrelated. And not so much about dogs.