we FREAK when there's SNOW in the south.

So, it snowed here in the good old L of R. For us, that means EVERYTHING is closed. And, usually, it doesn't actually accumulate on the ground and I have the pleasure of making fun of everyone for freaking out! But this year, THIS YEAR was different. The flakes started puny (as per the norm) but they kept POURING out and we wound up with about five(ish) inches. And, amazingly, it was fluffy and white and some of it is still sticking around. (School and work are also canceled for the 2nd day. I'll tell you how I feel about that this afternoon when I've been cooped in the house for over 48 hours with an overly-energetic 2 year old.)

Like any good Southerners, we donned our shoddy snow gear and headed out! It must be noted that Nate wore boots (for the first time ever), gloves (for the first time this winter) AND a hat (for the first time since infancy) with little complaint. I think he was so flabbergasted by the snow and our excitement that he was willing to do whatever to get close to it.

Though the hat did take some convincing...
Hooray! All the neighborhood kiddos were out by no later than 8:30 in the AM, in our yard and banging on our door. They know that Karl and I are secretly children as well and will play with them. Sleeping in on REAL snow days is for the birds! Let the snowball wars BEGIN:
And the sledding:
None of the kids were into the idea of a snowman until his body started to gain some heftiness. Then the ALL wanted IN.

And the snowman-making (most of the neighbor kids; missing two or three):
AND BREAK for Hot Chocolate:
And thus concludes my SNOW DAY post that may seem perfectly normal to the rest of the country but was NOT NORMAL for us and, therefore, special.

Ok, snow, you can go now.


sdhorton said...

Love that all the kids come to your house! I am up for at least a couple more snow days this winter. We've had fun.

Ashley said...

I love that your whole neighborhood palyed together! And talk about Cooper getting big, LOOK at NATE!! He's like, not a baby anymore, and you can't even really pretend like he is either. He looks so cute all bundled up!

Panamamama said...

My kids and the neighbor kids had a snowball fight last night that was "Epic" in their words. Coming in was not fun though as they screamed while getting in the tub. "MY TOES ARE COOOOLD!" Oh, the pains of war.

jessica said...

I am jealous of your snow and your awesome neighborhood! So cool!

Lauryl Lane said...

what fun! i miss snow!

Jax said...

SO so cute! I think it's adorable that all the kiddos come to your house! You guys are the cool parents. Officially. And also, that snowman is kinda freaking awesome! I know I said so on twitter...but yeah...awesome. :) I would LOVE to get one of those job things that actually closes for snow days. Insurance company=not so much. Bank=likely the same story. Hmm...damn these establishments hell bent on servicing customers regardless of weather. Blah. haha! I love Nater Tot's little cheeks all red from playing. This all just makes me so happy!

Aubrey said...

Nate in a HAT, GLOVES, AND BOOTS?! NO WAY! Even on snow days Kate pulls the I-am-dead-weight-because-my-legs-no-longer-function routine. We need to move back home so snow will be more of a novelty.

That pic of Karl with all the kids is SO AWESOME. For a minute I thought the big kid on the far right was maybe a small adult too, but nope. Just Karl. Love it. :)

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

I'm not much of an outdoor girl...but I did go out to make some snow peeps, too. Didn't have any fun neighbors to play with though!