the impossible

Things I can do: Birth a baby standing up in my bathroom.

Things I can not do: Remove a teensy dead fish from a fish tank while my husband is out of town.

I KNOW: Why DO we have fish KARL?!?!


Lauryl Lane said...

i am pretty sure i can't birth a baby standing up, either, but i definitely couldn't remove a dead fish from the tank. gross gross gross. you are not alone. ;-)

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

I think the more important question here is- why is the fish dead? lol

sdhorton said...

That cracks me up...If I knew it was that bad for you I would have offered to do it for you. I got you beat on removing dead fish but you definitely got me beat on birthing babies in bathrooms. :)

nicole said...

Too funny! We all have our limits, I suppose! tee hee. xoxo.

Kate said...

hi! i've been a terrible commenter lately Kat but just want you to know I still love ya. even if you can't handle little dead fish.

especially loved your sunglasses post. : )

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