Believe it or not this post is NOT actually about me bitching and complaining about throwing up.

(Though I sort of wish it were.)

INSTEAD, it's about my Secret Weapon. Mostly the throwing up has not so much been spontaneous but has a trigger because my nose is NOT NORMAL. Read: Super Sniffer. (As in I can smell the FOOD you're eating RIGHT NOW. Kindly put it down, k?) So, mostly it's triggered by the usual things - food smells, dishes, potty-trained-but-non-butt-wiping toddlers (What? SORRY!) and (sadly) my new car. (Yep. Got a new vehicle at Christmas... can't ride in it without the windows down. New car smell? It's a baaaad, baaaad thing. I miss my 12 year old smelly cloth seats.) It's also triggered by some not-so-normal, non smelly things - like certains textures. For example, um, TOWELS that get too close to my face. I KNOW, I KNOW. So not normal.

Whatever you don't care. This post is not about the vomit, it's about AVOIDING the vomit.

I present: The Secret Weapon.

Oh, why yes! The secret weapon IS some Burt's Bees Chapstick! WATCH OUT.
Here's what I do:

Step 4: Pray it works and Nate doesn't try to "spit in the potty" like Mommy.


Unknown said...

oh yes, weird triggers. With my 2nd pregnancy I could not watch ANY home improvement shows without upchucking. The only TV I could watch were crime and law shows. Crazy.

Jax said...

"Nate doesnt try to spit in the potty..." hahaha... Comedy. Glad something is working, friend! But boo on smells making you sick...especially the new car smell!

The Smiths said...

girl you do what you gotta do. someone this weekend said I should eat a spoonful of mustard to get rid of this terrible indigestion. pretty sure this is not mary poppins endorsed.

sdhorton said...

whatever works. lol. I've been nauseated at smells and have a super sniffer as well but so far no vomit. Hope it continues that way. That's how it was with Nash. However sometimes I think maybe the nausea would go away if I could vomit but I heard that it doesn't so I guess I will take it.

brooke knight said...


Amy B. said...

Nothing about pregnancy is normal. Oh gawd, just reading this post has brought back memories of all my triggers. I'm going to go dry heave now...

Jennifer said...

This post made me smile. Here's to the vomit going bye bye.

Susan said...

Remind me not to borrow your chapstick!
What kind of vehicle did you get? I LOVE new car smell. However, if you miss a spoiled spilt milk, dirty carseat, God knows what else smell, come take a ride in my 1 year old van!

Aubrey said...

Is it weird that I do that with Burt's Bees every time I have a cold? Like today??

Hope your vomm-be-gone pronto, friend.

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