list of lists. i love lists.

Summer is such a mix of slow and fast, right? It's flying by but the hot, lounge-y days can seem long when the heat prevents us from much outdoor activity.

I think I have forgotten to tell you several things:

(Of the important) Karl received a promotion this month at his office. For those of you that have been following this blog for a while, many know that he was reluctant to leave his last gig (startup and freelance work) to go back to corporate life but MAN this move has been good for us. It's his story to tell but I'll just leave it at: it's good. We're happy.

(Of the mundane) Some of you may remember my friend Sarah and I were sharing photos at Share Love Everyday. She dropped out somewhere along the way but I'm proud to say I posted 365 photos from March 2010 to March 2011. It (most def) was harder than one would think to post like that and I did not post each and everyone on time. (Though Wordpress allowed me to make it look like I did!) I then took a break for several months, moved the site to tumblr and am mostly posting from my phone (through the Tumblr app) and my Instagram account. Mostly they are Nate images and I do expect anyone to look and I definitely do NOT promise to post every day but I am trying to keep it going for my own personal enjoyment/record.

(Of the ridiculous) The nose ring is officially out. I couldn't handle the moms of the teen moms on MTV's Teen Mom (what? it's so good!) and the checker at Wal-Mart and, well, EVERYONE having one and my nose is spreading (oh yes. it is happening.) and it kept popping out and I've been having bloody noses (i know. it's gross.) so I had Karl rip it out this morning.

(Of the fun) Karl was in Los Angeles for a work Microsoft conference for, well, FOREVER (and a day) so when he returned (flight delayed. of course.) he was on Nate-duty for the majority of the weekend. He did convince me to remove myself from the couch to hit up a swimming hole - a lot red neck, a lot fun. (For my local friends, off Hwy 5 in Saline County.)

(Of the nerdy) Karl and I have been trying a new list share called Wunderlist. We use the iPhone app and it syncs our lists and, when you HIT THAT SATISFYING CHECK BOX, removes the task/item for both of us. So far I'm totally loving it. (It is just for lists; our calendars are synced through Google Calendar.) This morning, I noticed Karl created a "Birth Stuff" list. Ahem:

(Of the sleepytimes) My eyes are now heavy so that is all. Good night moon.


Lauryl Lane said...

this is all so random, and i love it. xoxo

Jessie Case said...

If you love lists and syncing things with Karl, you guys should try Grocery IQ app...you can keep several lists for different stores...ie. Lowe's, Sam's, etc...you can arrange the aisles so they go in order of your store, scan items as they are empty in the pantry and best you get to check them off as you go and it syncs to the hubby. LOVE IT!

sdhorton said...

I am good with the good old fashion handwritten list. I love list too. When we go to the grocery store Nash says "Mommy you got your list?"

Newlymeds said...

Goodnight moon is my all time favorite book! cute blog!

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