ok guys it's a little tense around here

Remember how last post I was all: I love late pregnancy (puppies and rainbows and unicorns oh my)?


That was then.

Before this morning when I sobbed hysterically for thirty minutes because of (wait for it) LAUNDRY. And not like laundry because I had to do it. Oh no. (Wait for it). Like laundry that Karl (trying to be helpful) was doing. (IN MY DEFENSE, in the same load he was attempting to wash our clothing with 10th grade boy basketball jerseys that had been sitting in his car SINCE JANUARY and some old towels. WHO DOES THAT?) Also I wasn't QUITE awake (because Karl was trying to be EVEN NICER and let me sleep in) as all this was happening - can I use sleepiness in defense of my insanity? I won't go into all the inane details, but, needless to say, it was completely irrational and I felt a little like a (very apologetic) Crazy Person after it was over. (And after I had rewashed our clothing, the jerseys and towels seperately. HA.)


I guess the late pregnancy hormone crazy is hitting me a little harder than anticipated. Maybe the heat is amplifying it?

I think mostly I'm having this problem: I don't really want to go anywhere. I want to be home. In my house. Getting it ready for the baby. CUE NESTING INSTINCT! The problem: DOING THINGS for more than five minutes is sort of exhausting for me at the moment. PLUS, well, being in your house all the time means you get it dirty with the everyday and that's driving me insane. (And I fully admit that I live with two OCD boys who put things back in their place; it is ME who leaves sunglasses in the fridge and books in the couch cushions and water cups on the nightstands.)

Plus, I've still been contracting like crazy (actually it's better this weekend but this week with The Heat and The Busy were BAD.). They are relatively mild but a few have been waking me up at night. I've had several discussions with (all of my) pregnancy caregivers. None of us are WORRIED ABOUT IT (Karl and myself included) but we all are keeping an eye on it. (Homebirths are not allowed until after 36 weeks and a risk assessment from the OB.)

My midwife did recommend timing them if they start wrapping (like around my back) and becoming patterned so I did download the Contraction Master app for my iPhone. We used the website when I was in labor with Nate in an attempt to time contractions - Karl sat on the bed with the laptop open and slammed down the space bar every time I said "start" or "stop" (which was frequently since my pattern was never regular and my labor so fast; man I still wish I had that data!). Now they have a schmancy iPhone app and I can press that little pink button all on my own if I want.

(And, on this note, I would like to say that none of this means we expect the baby to come early and/or as quickly). I still feel like I'm going to make it to my due date and/or beyond.)

The belly grows; the infamous gray tank top stretches:
32 weeks, 4 days

Pregnancy is not the ONLY thing going on right now (FOR REAL) but every time I sit down to write it consumes my brain and the words fly out through my fingers.

Here are some upcoming post goodness I intend to write (or am currently working on) for this week (ish):

Girls Trip to Branson
Update on Work
Nater Tater Tot-isms post


sdhorton said...

I have had my share of pregnancy melt downs as well. We went to the movies the other night and watched a funny movie. I cried and felt stupid. (that's just one of them)

Jax said...

Love your supermodel stance in that photo.. ha! I know that's not what you were going for, it's totally project runway...er...or ANTM. "Smile wiht your EYES." haha... :) I think even I have a nesting instinct right now b/c it's damn hot outside and doing pretty much anything indoors sounds awesome. Sorry about the laundry breakdown, but I mean.. laundry sucks. Blame it. Why do things have to ever get dirty? Ugh. Annoying. Sorry about the contractions, too, but I have to admit I like the name of the app... Contraction Master.. YES! It kinda sounds like a cool job.

The Smiths said...

Around 34 weeks I had a major tantrum in the produce section of Kroger because I had made my grocery list out using the wrong weeks sale circular. I mean a foot stopping tears and all in front of the bananas. Coby has yet to be back to the store with me.

brooke knight said...

Were you going for PENSIVE or THOUGHTFUL in that photo?!?!?! :)

nicole said...

You are modeling the hell out of that gray tank top. I love it!

I can't wait to hear Nate-isms. That kid is the cutest. xo.

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