just pitch it

My friend Jenny recently moved houses.  She was cleaning out some files in her old house and came across some information and pamphlets she received at the hospital while she was there for her son Maddox's birth. (He's now 2.5 years old.) We were laughing because she was unable to throw them away - I think we were particularly giggling over a pamphlet about SIDS (clearly not because SIDS is in ANY way funny but because she could not let go of that piece of paper that reminded her of that time in her life.) 

I looked around my own house almost six weeks post-birth and found several items I can't seem to throw away myself.

Sitting on my bookshelf: My newborn kit from the Health Department that we didn't use but were required to have - includes eye drops, Vit K shot and some other things: 

Please note it says it expires 9-30, Nora Kate was born on 10-4.
All the expiration dates on the meds were way past both of these dates?!

On my bathroom shelf: Still mass quantities of hydrogen peroxide (I think I had eight bottles in total?  It really gets blood out of EVERYTHING.), some Iodine solution and Peri-Massage Oil which I have ZERO use for.  (Well, I'll keep the peroxide.)

Some one might need to come over and THROW IT ALL AWAY FOR ME! 

(See Also: If you are a Christmas Card I've received in the last 10 years OR that really, uh, suggestive backless top I wore that one time in college and couldn't part with b/c it's a) hilarious and b) something I plan to use as an example of WHAT NOT TO WEAR for my daughter, YOU ARE STILL SAFELY IN MY ATTIC!)

Mostly, I'm putting this post up there to say I've been thinking a lot about Nora Kate's birth story and how I still want to share some of the details with you all (and write them for myself).  I've been working on a post about it for WEEKS now (THERE'S NO TIME!) and it's almost complete.  I am also going to (finally) share my labor video.  

I'm hoping to have it all posted this evening! 


Jennifer said...

I mean really I've tried to throw it away BUT I JUST CAN'T DO IT! HAHA I love you and I love that you make me feel slightly less crazy!

I can't wait for everyone to see the labor video. Lots of tears people, I'm warning you!

melissa said...

labor video! i loved it once - i shall love it always :)

i don't have any baby-related items to chuck but the salvation army is about to get enough t-shirts from me that they'll have to open another facility to house them all. similar maybe? :)

Unknown said...

Good tip on the hydrogen peroxide!

For weeks after our daughter was born my husband wore his hospital bracelet, like it was a water park pass and he wanted everyone to know he was one of the cool kids who got to go. Extra cute since he is a doctor... I think I still have the SIDS brochures filed away, too...

Sarah said...

We all have a story and this one is beautiful.

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