just say no to christmas creep

This photo is to remind us all that there IS a holiday between Halloween and Christmas.  Er... one that the apparel apparently doesn't receive quite the same amount of attention. 

Respect The Turkey, am I right?  

(Also, please ignore the infamous gray tank top... it's really like a security blanket at this point.  I will wear it until it's in SHREDS.)   


sdhorton said...

Christmas stuff is everywhere. Freaks me out too.

Maria said...

Christmas stuff has been out for weeks. I hate that it is showing up in October. That's just not right!

nicole said...

HA! You look HOT, mama! Keep rockin' the muscle tank. xo.

p.s. I'm not ready for the holidaze. Make it stop?

melissa said...

i love turkey day even more than my birthday. there, i said it. my name is melissa, and i am a thanksgiving-dinner-a-holic. :)

love that pink skeleton, dude. you both look loverly. xoxo