I suck at Christmas.

Though I do love CARDS!! 

Here are some photos from our Christmas Card Photo Shoot (b/c I'm the type of person who arranges Christmas Card Photo Shoots.  Yep.  Sure am!  I own it and I love it.)

Aren't we so cute you're vomiting all over your computer screens right now?!?

(Photography by my friend Cara Beth!)


Lauryl Lane said...

Totally vomiting. Totally adorable!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

adorable! love naters lil mullet :) miss you love. hope your well!! merry christmas xo alove

brooke knight said...

i'm the kind of person that says "we should do christmas card photos" and then forgets. mhrr. they are great!

sdhorton said...

NK has grown some more hair since this photo shoot.