storage wars

Fun times in the attic.  Sigh.  We need a basement. 


Adding another human to our house has made me MANIACALLY clean and throw/give things away.   Seriously.  I've taken no less than 7 full bags to the Goodwill in the last two weeks.   Karl is teaching me his wise, minimalistic ways. 

We bought a pre-lit tree for the first time ever (versus the real tree we normally get).  I feel a bit like I'm cheating at Christmas but it was SO EASY.  I'm all about easy these days.  Currently, it's lights only sans ornaments.  I stick the baby in her swing, set it in front of the tree and plug in the lights.  INSTANT MESMIRIZATION.

I had my six-week post birth appointment with my midwives yesterday (at 8+ weeks but whatever!) and everything was fine.  The baby is a solid 13 pounds and 4 oz and she goes to her pedi next week for Vaccinations: Round 1. 

Speaking of NK, bottles are poison to her lips.  So, uh, we're working on that.  We've tried a VARIETY of bottles.  No luck so far.  Pros:  No pumping!  Cons: Someday I will need to go somewhere without her.   I'm working on a dedicated NKisms post. 



Kate said...

tried the Playtex drop-ins? ugh - for some reason I hated them (felt like unnecessary trash creation), but for my bottle refusers, that was the only thing that worked. and then once they kind of got the hang of it, we switched back to the bottles that I like better. not sure if you've already tried that brand but just in case you haven't I thought I'd pass it along.

minimalism = awesome. so freeing.

Jax said...

Signs you're not ready for a baby: You read "pedi" and think of something you go to a nail salon for.

Wow. That took me a good .5 second to go "duh, Jackie."


And I feel like I've become much more of a minimalist just living in this house with Marla without ANY storage! I couldnt imagine having kiddos in here too! I'd get rid of everything.. ha!

The Host said...

I'm quite certain, if I ever manage to get pregnant again, I will purge this house within an inch of its life. Or maybe I'll just burn it down and start over somewhere else. I'll be pregnant, no court in the land will convict me.

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