What's Andy's girlfriend's name? he asks


Additional notes from the field:  

A.  Nate says 'lasterday' to refer to anything that happened in the past.  It's starting to fade and he's beginning to say yesterday and last year (occasionally in reference to hours before) and that's a bit sad.  I'm going to miss creative, made up words and his skewed concept of time.  

B. Karl and I have recently become obsessed with Parks and Rec on Netflix (which, by the way, WHY DID NO ONE SHARE WITH ME HOW HILARIOUS THIS SHOW IS?) and, since we only have one television, Nate currently requests "the show with the blond lady" before bed; last night he referred to it as "Pecks and Rock" (which he thought was HI-larioius.   As did I.)  

C. There is snow.   I can see it.  RIGHT NOW.  OUT MY WINDOW.  It's not accumulating but it's there.  In December.  Cue tears and space heaters and staying under the covers until the last possible minute.  Stay away seasonal affective disorder!  I've been a happy girl this year!   


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Kate said...

Of course I assumed you already knew, or else I would have immediately alerted you. Parks and Rec is the best thing on TV, no question. Love it! Isn't Ron Swanson the greatest?

Aubrey said...

Love that picture soooooooo much. Happy Holidays, Hills Family!