let's talk funerals: take 4

We miss our orange sheets!
This time last week we were snowed in at the Comfort Inn in Mountain Home, Arkansas, recovering from a funeral.  (You don't drive down the icy highways surrounding a town w/ the word Mountain in its name.)  We were celebrating the life of Karl's grandmother (I know... stop with the funerals 2012!!).   Karl's grandma lived with his mom (who lives three miles from us) so we spent quite a bit of time with her.  She passed away at home and in her sleep after 97 (97!) years of life!  Just a month ago, she wanted (wait for it!) an iPad.  I mean, think about that.  She was born in 1914 (1914!).  The service was (dare I say it?) filled with happy memories and familiar family faces.  It was nice to share Nate and Nora Kate with family (though they both have been rocking the same cough and snot for weeks so there's that.).  Plus, Nate got to do some sledding (And ramped off a concrete retaining wall, no big deal.  No worries...he came up laughing hysterically. JESUS.) 

Since we've returned, we've been running around like crazy people.  Like, literally, I feel a bit like a crazy person who CAN'T GET IT TOGETHER.   Most of you know me will be unsurprised to hear this:


(Consistently my bad month!  Yours too, right?)

Both of the kiddos have been ill - cough, vomit, cough until vomit, fever.  Basically, you name the symptom, one of them has had it.  Finally, after 11 days (I know you all are shocked it took me that long to call the pedi!), we took them BOTH in.  It was slightly entertaining to make an appointment for two kids at one time.  AND I SWEAR to GOD the pediatrician didn't want to give us any antibiotics (our pedi's office seems to be anti-antibiotic - see how I did that? - which I am generally on board with but ELEVEN days of a symphony of coughing all night long,   GIVE EM! 

Here's what our fridge looks like: 
Beer, Coke, Boob Juice, Amoxicillin (We put clever black lines on NKs.)  

We're all on the up and up.   (And, honestly, nothing was ever TERRIBLE.  The germies - they just wouldn't GO AWAY!)  

Despite the germies, we've both had several opportunities to go out and about with friends and family.  
Last night, I had dinner with my midwives and some friends.  I should have taken a group photo b/c it was a lovely evening but instead I photographed my plate (which was also super lovely.  that's the technical term - super. lovely.).  See? 

Burger: Add fried egg, avocados and monterey jack cheese.  PROCEED TO DIE OF DELICIOUS.
 Tonight, Karl spent some time with George Takei.  You know, no big deal. 
Star Trek for life, yo!
In other news, today I went to work without the baby.   Yea, I'm still processing it too. 


sdhorton said...

Miss you guys! Sounds like things have been crazy.

Jax said...

ha! Love the George photo! Super awesome! Glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better, but sorry about all the germies infecting your February. I agree.. definitely a case of the Februaries. Blah on this month. Blah. Ready for March. So sorry about Karl's grandmother by the way, friend... :(