photography by karl

We went out last week for happy hour - one of Karl's coworkers is moving to Oregon.   Karl's mama watched both babies.  After a couple of hours, Karl offered to pick up the kids and let me stay out for a bit so I did!  I came home (at 9:30 - get crazy!) and apparently fell asleep texting.  Because I'm awesome.

In other news this week, I hit up Book Club #28 (we're so going to be those little old ladies who've been meeting for 30 years; that's our goal anyway!) and hosted a friend's impromptu birthday dinner at our house.

Good week.


Jax said...

Fell asleep texting? ha! Awesome. That sounds like Eric. He can fall asleep anywhere, anytime... Too cute, friend. Miss your face!

Panamamama said...

:) My bookclub's been meeting 10 yrs already! My best buds.