squeezing out words

In my spare time, I went to this thing.  It was a writing class.  At a library.   It focused specifically on memoir writing.  (Honestly, I have no interest of writing a memoir or any other type of book; not on my personal life list.) but I have been writing on this blog for, oh, you know, SEVEN years so I wanted to check it out.  (Because I don't intend to stop writing but I have NOT been feeling it lately!) 

So, here are the two big things I took away: 

1.  Write.  (Yep.) 

The woman who led the class, Paula Morell, is a creative writing teacher and founder of Tales from the South - which is an amazing live radio show that is now broadcast on the NPR.... writers reading their own stories.  She suggested finding your most creative time (of the day) to write and shared with us that her time is b/w midnight and four in the morning.  Unfortunately, I think that's my time too.  Not a conducive schedule for me with young babies but, you know, maybe once a week!?  

2.  Write the moments.  (And your perception of them.)

I think I'm getting better about this. 

When do you blog (or create) best? 


Desperately Seeking Gina said...

Yikes...the only creativity happening in my world between midnight and 4 am is how to best get myself out of the blanket burrito I've somehow managed to get myself into during the night.

Anonymous said...

You always had a great imagination. And you always were a good writer,even when you were very young. Continue the quest.

Jax said...

Love this! Sadly, I often come up wiht really good blogging ideas around mid afternoon.. but if I got busted on my blog at work, I don't think my company would love it. Blah. I miss that about my old job.. I traveled and had a lot more time to myself during random hours to blog... :)