I NEVER used to be a sit on the couch and eat ice cream person (Honestly, ice cream tends to get all freezer burned in our house.) BUT as I sit here typing this, I am polishing off a pint of Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup.  I blame my sister who purchased it last week while she was in town (and so nicely took two bites and left it in my freezer).  I also blame it on the Cardinals who are FORCING ME TO STRESS EAT.

Since October continues careening along it's crazy path I present:


(Words soon?)

The aforementioned ice cream (This was actually from a few nights ago - I KNOW.)
Another birthday party with Aunt Jenny holding the ice cream with candle (Hmmm... I am sensing an ice cream theme throughout this post.  I SWEAR I am not knocked up.)   

I know it's SHOCKING that Nate is obsessed with baseball lately (we've been watching a lot) but I find it HIGHLY amusing.  Yesterday, we were playing baseball in the front yard and, after scoring multiple runs, he pretended to pop some champagne and spray me with it.  Ahhhh the life of a 4 year old Cardinals fan! 

Ms. Priss:
My sister leaves and the insane baseball texts resume:

I probably should be watching the Presidential debate instead of blogging about baseball and ice cream, huh?