weekending with the weekend

We made some copies of action figures:

Took a car nap or two:
Karl and I snuck away all day Saturday to go to the horse races in Hot Springs to celebrate a friend's 40th.  We won ZERO dollars betting and spent much more eating the famous corned beef sandwiches and drinking delicious bloody mary's.  I attempted to go out afterwards with the group but couldn't make it.   Day drinks aren't all they're cracked up to be these days, eh? 
Nora Kate attempted her first bike ride. 
We texted silly pics to far away family. 
We drank a little coffee. 
We bought a birthday gift for a friend (had to try it out first, make sure the webage worked):
"We" insisted upon spending our Sunday evening in this fancy getup (over our clothes).  Perfect for family dinner on the floor! 
Now the kids are in bed and I'm settling in for MASTERPIECE THEATER!  (So on the Downton bandwagon.  After a day of NFL playoffs Lady Mary and Mr. Crawley are a welcome change of pace.)

I have a little Sunday night anxiety going on so I'll leave you now to snuggle under my covers and pretend I don't have to go to work tomorrow.   


melissa said...

sounds like the best weekend ever!

(um are those baby toms?!)

Aubrey said...

A most excellent weekend. I too love me some Downton. We're ahead over here, and it's KILLING me that of you are in the dark about what happened on the Christmas Day special!! (Unless you've peeked on the interwebs. If you have, EMAIL ME AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT PRIVATELY.)

Sorry about the yelling. Downton gets me fired up. I'm just embracing my inner octogenarian. (Her name is Mona, btw.)

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